Hair Loss Treatment – Effective For Men And Women

Hair loss is one of the most common beauty problems found in both men and women. This is one of the most widespread problems found in every nation.

So this problem needs to be addressed properly. Both male and female may experience hair loss due to various reasons – some may be avoidable and others may be non-avoidable. Here we will discuss about the common hair loss treatment that are effective for men as well as women.

Male experience male pattern baldness whereas female lose their hair in the form of hair thinning. Different treatments are available in the market these days depending on the nature and type of hair and hair loss. Since hair loss is caused due to different reasons in male and female, their treatment also varies to a certain extent.

An effective hair loss remedy for men is Propecia. This medicine can be used very conveniently and easily; hence men mostly prefer this over other hair loss medicines. Propecia does not involve application of solution on the hair and then wait until it is washed off.

Though this hair loss solution is effective for men, it does not give the same result in case of female hair loss. It can be beneficial for the elder women to a certain extent. Due to its side effects, the pregnant women are recommended to avoid the use of Propecia to treat hair loss problem.

Minoxidil, also known as DHT inhibitor is a useful hair loss treatment. It works in two ways- – on one hand it minimizes the loss of hair and on the other hand it promotes the scalp and the hair follicles for the re-growth of new and healthy hair. Thus, it helps people afflicted by hair loss problem.

Minoxil is very effective for treating loss of hair on the crown. But it is not so effective for hair loss treatment in the frontal area. Generally, hair care products for men contain 5% of Minoxidil and 2% are contained in the brands for women.

Surgical methods, commonly known as hair transplants are very efficient hair loss treatment. This treatment is effective for men as well as women. While opting for hair transplantations, one must take care to get new hair fixed which matches their original hair otherwise it may look a bit odd.