Hair Spa Treatment At Home

Hair spa is one of the best treatments for hair and today it has become a big trend. This treatment nourishes your damaged hair which has lost it shine, gone dry or has developed split ends or dandruff due to sun, wind or hair coloring or blow-drying etc.

Hair Spa

Spa treatment normalizes oil secretions by stimulating blood circulation and repairs damaged hair by eliminating impurities inside the pores. It treats the root of your hair and feels like silken finger working on your hair. This re-hydrating therapy restores the vital oil our hair and strengthens your hair.

Hair spa treatment at professional salon is very expensive and going for this treatment regularly is not feasible for every one. But giving your hair this spa treatment yourself at home is possible, if you follow the following instructions.

Hair spa treatment

Treatment Procedure

Hair spa treatment takes considerable time. So go for it when you have enough free time. It is day to relax and unwind all your stress and relieve yourself from your hectic schedule. The things you will need to perform this hair relaxing treatment are, a good herbal or natural cleansing shampoo, home made or herbal conditioner, a plastic wrap and towels.


Begin with oil massage. Use coconut oil, or olive oil with a mixture of few essential oils. Cover your entire hair with the oil and then gently massage your scalp with your finger tips to enhance blood circulation. Massage will help to strengthen the roots of the hair and prevent split end, breakage and hair fall. Let the oil stay on your hair for half an hour or more. Watch television or read a book and do whatever you like to stay relaxed.

oil massage


Next step is shampooing. Use a good cleansing shampoo which has the ability to remove all the build up caused by styling products you have used previously. If hair remains oily after rinsing with cold water, repeat the shampooing process again. Bloat excess water by wrapping a big towel on your hair. After removing the tangles with your fingers, comb your hair with big toothed comb.



Applying conditioner is the most vital step of spa hair treatment. There are many good conditioners in the market. Choose the conditioner according to your hair type. You will need a protein based conditioner to provide your hair a good moisturizing treatment, if you have colored hair.

If you don’t have faith in commercial products, make your own home made conditioner using honey, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, eggs etc. You can easily get their recipe from internet. After applying the conditioner, cover it with plastic wrap.

Over the wrap use a dry towel for allowing conditioner to work for at least half an hour and then rinse with old water thoroughly. Discover soft, silky and beautiful hair after this spa treatment.

Applying conditioner