HBO , An Alternative Cancer Treatment

Hydrogen oxygen therapy is an effective treatment that is done by providing of extra oxygen. The word hyperbaric can be divided into ‘hyper’ and ‘baric’, which means ‘increased’ and ‘pressure’. 

When one breathes 100% oxygen under circumstances where the pressure is high in the hyperbaric chamber, this leads to the forcing in of extra oxygen into the stream of blood and in case the pressure is not used, there is faster dissolution. There is increased oxygen transport in the blood with this. Hemoglobin’s oxygen binding capacity in the red blood cells, the oxygen transport becomes limited, as it reaches the point of saturation.

But the plasma’s oxygen transportation rises significantly due to this therapy. So, if there is a decrease in the healing because of infections or due to limitations in the supply of blood, the extra oxygen helps.

This hyperbaric oxygen therapy has the following advantages: There is promotion of additional blood transportation due to the growth of new blood vessels, the natural body gains immunity to fight a number of infections that arises in the body and this kills bacterial content, all swellings in the area in and around that is subject to radiotherapy is reduced.

Usually, this treatment is free of any pain. It is performed in the chambers that are specially designed for this and are known as ‘hyperbaric chambers’. Among this, there are two kinds of chambers that are known as monoplace and multiplace chambers. The former is used to treat only one person at one point of time. The person with the stretcher is moved into a two feet chamber where the door is closed and the chamber is completely pressurized.

The main applicability of this disease in its completeness is in case of people who are suffering from side effects of radiotherapy after having applied the same. This is because radiotherapy kills not only the cancer cells in the body but also the health cells. This leads to changes in the supply of oxygen cells in the body.  This can make the person very weak and fragile.

So, in such conditions and in the following conditions HBO therapy will be very effective: Constant lymphoedema in cases of breast cancer, Constant radiation custitis, Bowel, pelvic, prostate cancer, Constant radiation proctitis, Osteorandionecrosis and heavy blood loss anemia. So, this not only helps as alternate treatment for cancer but, it can be used for overcoming various diseases.