Head Lice Treatment With Tea Tree Oil


Head Lice

Head louse is a scalp related issue, which causes immense irritation and itching in the scalp. Presence of lice in the head is really very irritating and embarrassing. A person feels like scratching his or her scalp often due to presence of lice. It is very important to get rid of lice in the head so as to maintain appropriate health of the scalp.

You would find several options in front of you with respect to dealing with this scalp issue. However, the best way to get rid of lice is through use of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is considered to be the best antiseptic for fighting against various kinds of infections.

This herbal oil is quite popular for antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. The components in tea tree oil help in killing lice successfully, subsequently helping in improving the condition of the scalp.

The effectiveness of tea tree oil for head lice treatment entirely depends upon the way it is used. Let us here discuss how tea tree oil can be used to get rid of head lice.

Ways to Get Rid of Head Lice through Tea Tree Oil

The two most popular ways of using tea tree oil for getting rid of head lice have been explained hereunder:

Pure Tea Tree Oil

Pure Tea Tree Oil

A few people prefer applying pure tea tree oil on the scalp to get rid of head lice. People using pure tea tree oil have to be very careful with respect to its application. First of all, it is important to take only a little amount of oil, maximum two drops, to deal with head lice issue. The application of the oil should be limited to only a small portion of the scalp at one time. Further, daily usage of the oil should be avoided. The oil should be applied only once in three days.

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Diluted Tea Tree Oil

Diluted Tea Tree Oil

Making use of diluted tea tee oil is also an effective head lice treatment. A mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil or vegetable oil would help in killing lice. The hair should be coated properly with this tea tee oil based solution, which should be allowed to stay on the head for around three hours.

Thereafter, a nit comb should be used to comb the hair. The comb should be dipped in a mix of vinegar and warm water before being used on the head. Combing the hair would help in bringing out all the nits. It is strongly recommended to rinse the nit comb every time you use it to comb out the nits. Once done, the hair should be washed with regular shampoo, so as to remove oil.

Apart from the above discussed two treatments, you can also use tea tree oil with your shampoo to remove head lice. Washing the hair with a mix of your regular shampoo and tea tree oil would help in preventing re-infestation of head lice. This treatment should be practiced only once a week due to strong compounds contained in tea tree oil.

Tips And Warnings

The use of tea tree oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding should be avoided, as it may prove to be harmful for the baby. The use of tea tree oil in pure form should be avoided in case of young children and babies.

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