Health Advantages Of Vegetarian Diets


There have been a number of scientific studies conducted on finding out, how good vegetarian diet is for our health.

Vegetarian diet

All these studies have helped to find out that, if a vegetarian diet is properly planned out (including all types of vegetables and fruits), it can really help to build our health immune and stronger, than people who take a normal diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Of course, studies have also shown that the person is at a risk of lacking the vitamins, which come along with the animal products, but having a well-rounded diet program helps to negate such occurrence.

Body Weight

Body weight, and an un-natural BMI, helps to nest various health diseases (conditions) like asthma, obesity, and other chronic diseases. When you are adopting a vegetarian diet, it mainly consists of healthy, but less fat induced, food items.

Body weight

As these fruits and vegetables, help to reduce the overall calorie and fat intake, the overall weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) to reduces. As vegetables are rich in proteins and vitamins, over consumption of these might also create a totally opposite situation.



Vegetables and fruits have rich amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Vegetables also have generous amounts of healthy fats and omega 3 fatty acids, both of which are essential for our body growth and strengthening our immune system. As animal meats offer essential vitamins like B12, a vegetarian has to supplement the meat with protein shakes.

Omega 3 fatty acid


Vegetables offer us one most important nutrient: Fiber. This fiber, along with other nutrients fights off various chronic diseases.Scientists have found that vegetarian diet links directly with reduced chances of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, cancer, dementia, heart conditions, etc.

Specially speaking of Diabetes, a vegetarian (low fat) diet, dramatically changes the health condition of a diabetic patient, and sometimes terminates the need for medication.


Fats And Cholesterol

Fats, and cholesterol, are mainly received in a body via animal (red) meat and poultry meat. In addition to that, unnecessary saturated fats are inserted in our bodies through the processed foods. If you stop eating these dew foods, your total saturated fat and cholesterol intake will come down to about 7%, of the daily calorie intake.

Even dairy products and cheese, can offer unnecessary fats, calories and carbohydrates. So keep them away too. A low cholesterol level ensures security from various ill health conditions.

dairy products


Kidneys process our meals, and thus help in excreting the unnecessary products from our bodies. , and thus are easy on the kidneys. Animal proteins are harder, and rougher, for the kidneys to process, thus eliminating them from your diet will serve you good.


Additional Advantages

In addition to all the good it does to our health, adoption of a vegetarian diet also ensures some other advantages.

Eating animal meats means that the animals are to be bred. To do that, various non-environment friendly chemicals are used, for making sure they eat safe and sound. This essentially ruins the environment, by production of greenhouse gases, and erosion of the topsoil. Therefore, if you adopt a vegetarian diet, you will be helping the nature too.


Non-vegetarian diet, needs a long list of ingredients for its preparation; not counting its own bills. Cutting down on meats, and adopting vegetarian food, will make sure that your total grocery bill is reduced.