Health Benefits of Rue Herb


Rue is considered as a protective herb obtained from Ruta graveolens and holds extended annals for its medical use. Earlier this herbal medicine was used to ward off poisons and parasites and for protection against pestilence.

Rue  HerbThough the leaves and stem of the herb plant has its medical utilization, the aerial part of the young shoot has the most intrinsic worth and both the fresh and the dried herbs form the constituent of medicines.

Various essential oils are spread across the plant parts among which caprinic, plagonic, along with carrylic and oenanthylic acids are the chief ones. A flavonoid named rutin, which is a yellow crystalline mass is also an active constituent of this herbal plant.

The common use of this medicinal plant is either in form of infusion or decoctions made from the fresh herb or even by extracting the oil from the herb. Otherwise the dried herb is powdered and used to make a tea.

Rue Tea

Rue as antispasmodic: The medicinal herb proves to be an excellent rubefacient that when rubbed on the skin can help to suppress the spasms and cure the crams arising in the body. If this herb is applied by forming a paste it can help in relieving the pain of sciatica as well.

Rue as anthelmintic: Rue herb is also considered to be a potent anthelmintic but care should be taken while administrating this drug as it can induce poisonous effects if taken in a large quantity. Even pregnant women are advised to avoid this drug.

Rue as carminative: Rue can help in treating flatulence and colic symptoms and thus prove to be a potent carminative in action.

Rue as stomachic stimulant: Rue also perk up conditions of stomach to improve digestion and thereby increase the appetite.

Rue Herb

Rue for herb headaches: Application of two fresh leaves of the rue herb around the temples of the forehead can give relief from severe headache.

Rue for cough and chronic bronchitis: This herbal plant is also used to find a remedy for cough and chronic bronchitis. Soak and apply a cold compress that is inundated with a piquant decoction of herb to the chest area for getting relief from chronic bronchitis.

Rue for menopause: This herb is also used to get respite from rheumatic pains and problems like palpitations, giddiness and headaches associated with menopause.

Rue for varicose veins: Presence of the flavonoid called rutin helps to strengthen up the blood flow within the capillaries and thereby prevent the occurrence of varicose veins.

varicose veins