Healthy Meal For Efficient Digestion


To remain healthy, it is more important to know what we digest; not what we eat. Different food types secrete different enzymes.

Healthy Meal

For example, Carbohydrate foods need carbohydrate splitting enzymes while protein food specifically needs protein splitting enzymes.

So it is necessary to eat correct combination of food to achieve proper digestion. You must know how to plan your diet to avoid any digestive problem.

In order to allow your body to achieve optimal digestion and utilize the nutrients in food to its full extent, we should eat meals including different food combinations, which are compatible with one another.

Indigestion is a common problem in today’s society. Billions of dollars are spent on antacids all over the world. As we know, different food groups need different digestion time and different digestive enzymes for proper digestion.Efficient digestion is possible when we use foods with almost same digestion time.

Here are few instructions following which you can improve your digestion and help you stay healthy. Plan your daily meal in a way that does not react with each other. So refrain from taking foods in one meal that obstruct the digestion of each other.

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Do not eat carbohydrate food like potato, rice, bread along with acid foods like oranges, lemon, grapefruits, lemons, tomatoes; pineapples etc. Fruit acids avert carbohydrate digestion and upsets stomach.

For example, eating oranges along with meal may not be easy to digest. On the other hand, eating oranges half an hour before meal will improve your digestion.

Likewise, tomatoes should never be eaten in combination with starchy food because acids present in tomatoes react negatively to the alkaline present in starches. Tomatoes should be eaten with fat foods and leafy vegetables.



Thedigestion process of protein and carbohydrate is so different, that if they are mixed with each other in the stomach, they result in hyperacidity.

So refrain from eating nuts, cheese, eggs, and meat along with bread, potatoes, cereals, cakes and sweets etc. They can upset the stomach because starch and sugar restrain the secretion of gastric juice and delays digestion.

Same way fats and proteins must not be eaten together. Cream, oil, butter etc. should never be eaten with cheese, eggs, meat and nuts. Fat slows down the action of gastric gland and as a result development of appetite juice is delayed. Due to production of less gastric juice, meat, nuts, and other proteins cannot be digested properly.

Melons like watermelon, honeydew melon, and muskmelon should not be eaten with any other foods. They are eaten alone because they decompose speedily and easily.

Milk should always be taken alone because milk is digested in duodenum not in the stomach, so when milk is present in the stomach, no secretion is done.

If we eat meals that we can digest properly, we will always remain healthy and live our life with full enthusiasm and zest.

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