Heart Disease Prevention – Adopting A Healthier Lifestyle

Heart disease is increasing in every nation of the world at an alarming rate. This disease is so prevalent in the United States that every 20 seconds, one person suffers from a heart attack. And you may be surprised to know that heart disease claims a life every 34 seconds in the US!

According to some studies, the under educated people are more prone to experience heart attacks. Hence, awareness regarding heart disease prevention is very much needed.

Every human heart has the right to be healthy. It is the key organ of your body without which you cannot even imagine to be alive! So you need to prevent your heart from heart disease and heart attack. And you can do this easily by just adopting a healthier lifestyle. You just have to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle and you can make your heart healthy.

The health of your heart directly depends upon what you eat, how much physically active you are in your day to day life, whether you take sufficient sleep or not and how much health conscious you are. If you eat a well balanced diet, do exercise regularly, sleep well and are health conscious then you will be less susceptible to heart disease. Some useful tips on adopting a healthier lifestyle for a healthy heart are given below.

Heart disease can significantly be prevented by improving eating habits. Foods that are high in trans fatty acids and saturated fat are unhealthy for heart and hence should be avoided. Fried foods and commercially baked foods are loaded with trans fat and thus should not be eaten.

Include plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet because they are packed with antioxidants and fiber, which are considered very healthy for your heart. Eat beans at least 4 times in a week as it can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

You should stop smoking and also limit or give up your alcohol consumption. Reduce your stress level or completely eliminate it from your life.

Heart disease can also be prevented by leading a physically active life. It has been found out that physically inactive people are nearly at double the risk of heart attack as compared to people who do exercise on a regular basis.