Heartburn – Symptoms, Causes & Cures

Heartburn is a common health condition that occurs in the esophagus. When the sufferer suffers from heartburn, he/she experiences burning or painful sensation. In medical terms, heartburn is known as pyrosis. Pain occurring in case of heartburn is experienced in the lower portion of the breastbone and is often caused in the chest area of the patient. Heartburn pain is typically linked to the expulsion of gastric acid from the mouth.


The term heartburn can cause panic in many sufferers as they may think that they have got heart-related disease. But heartburn has got nothing to do with your heart! So just relax and try to collect the basic information regarding heartburn so as to find some simple cures. Let us see some common symptoms of the heartburn condition.

A person suffering from heartburn may experience burning sensation post meal, which may continue for a few minutes or for a few hours. This burning feeling is mainly in the chest area under the breastbone. It might also affect the abdominal area.

burning feeling

The patient generally gets chest pain after the consumption of a meal, or while bending over or while lying down. There may be a burning sensation in the throat too. The patient may also get bitter or sour taste in mouth and have complexity with swallowing of foods.

burning sensation in the throat

Some other important heartburn symptoms include belching, loss of appetite, chronic coughing or wheezing. Feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen, mild nausea, excessive gas formation, etc are some other important symptoms of heartburn.

Symptoms of heartburn

Most health conditions as well as diseases have some causes behind their occurrence. Heartburn too has several causes responsible for it. Some important causes of heartburn include excessive intake of alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, or foods high in fat content. Smoking, and acidic foods may also be responsible for heartburn.


At times, prime diseases of the esophagus, hiatal hernia, or anti-inflammatory drugs may also cause heartburn symptoms. Excessive body weight, pregnancy, carbonated beverages and consumption of large meals can also lead to heartburn.

body weight, pregnancy

One of the most popular cures for heartburn is to take an antacid, which works by absorbing the excess acid in the stomach. Another simple cure for heartburn is to drink a cup of cold and fat-free skim milk. Drinking a glass of water can also give you temporary relief from heartburn.

Drinking a glass of water