Heat Therapy For Sore Abdominal Tissues


With such a low level of side effect (none visibly), heat therapy is fast becoming one of the popular choices for individuals to get relief from their muscle/tissue soreness or pain. It has been seen that prolonged heat treatment on certain sore areas can work.

Sore abdominal tissues

A number of heat emitting therapeutic means are available in the market but therapists may use some other types of heat emitters, which penetrate deep into our skin and work the deeper tissues.

Benefits for Heat Therapy For Sore Abdominal Tissues

Why use the heat therapy to treat the sore abdominal tissues? Well, here’s what the treatment does. The treatment prods an increase in the blood flow in the targeted region. This in turn, adds to the efforts of the body to heal itself, which makes the body part heal faster.

Blood flow

As known to everybody (hopefully!) that heat makes the molecules in a solid object go haywire, it does the same in our bodies. It loosens up some tight muscle fibers, so forms a beneficial addition in the rehabilitation process. Mainly, in these cases, the heat therapy is applied before the exercising and stretching.

Heat therapy

Other Options

Here are a few options that are available either for the therapist or the patients to choose from.

Bath Therapy

Also known as hot water immersion therapy, in this treatment, the patient is immersed in a bathtub/Jacuzzi filled with hot water. The extremity of the temperature can roll to a temperature of around 44 °C. This method proves a wonderful window for the treatment of the soreness as it engulfs area concerned and also the area surrounding the main spot. This therapy is especially useful when targeting a larger area.

Bath therapy


Ultrasound treatment works on a deeper level and works on the muscle tissues and joints therein. Like bath therapy, this method is also applied before starting some therapies or prolonged stretching or manual mobilization of the defective spot by the therapist.


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This is because this process ‘relaxes’ the connective tissues (even more than the bath therapy). The heat produced by ultrasound is different than other sources and thus works its way deeper (almost 1 ½ inches) .

Moist Heat Packs

Another way of treatment of the sore abdominal tissues (or any other tissues) is the application of moist heat packs. The first and foremost objective of this kind of treatment is to give instant relief from pain and inflammation. The moistness is apparently the application of silicate gel on the heat pack. Some heat packs (without the gel) are commonly available in households and thus people are more familiar with this treatment. The only limitation in this treatment is that it can only work to a depth of about 1-2 cm below the skin.

Moist Heat Packs

Last Words

Heat helps our muscles elevate their stretch-ability. This heat thus helps cure and ‘patch’ up many of the damaged tissues in our bodies. Though this will help to stretch your muscles to a certain extent, it must not be substituted for exercises. Exercises offer a more detailed growth of the muscles. A limitation (and an advantage) of this process is that, it is a passive treatment and the patient need not ‘actively’ participate in the process.