Herbal Body Wraps


Body wraps are a way to sooth and tone the skin, eliminate all visible signs of cellulite and aging, as well as to purify and relax a person. To accomplish all these tasks, the body wraps make use a variety of herbal products. A large number of herbs have been proved to be extremely beneficial in treating a variety of skin conditions and ailments.

Herbal body wraps

Herbs are considered to be extremely valuable plants due to their scents, flavors as well as medicinal properties. A large number of herbs are used in cooking and in different aromatic treatments. Some of the most important benefits of herbs include weight loss, increasing metabolism and skin regeneration. The herbs containing such properties include green tea, cayenne, kelp, seaweed, ginseng and nettle. Most of these herbs are used in body wraps as they offer numerous benefits to its users.

Green tea and cayenne

Some of the most common herbs used in body wraps include chamomile which soothes the skin, burdock rock, which helps in purifying blood and treat conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and ginger root, used to warm body and improve blood circulation. Each of the herbs used in body wraps serve a particular purpose.

Burdock rock

For instance, rosehips helps to nourish dry skin as it is rich in Vitamin C. similarly, alfalfa helps to relax tense muscle and dissipate fatigue.


A combination of different herbs is also used in body wraps in order to achieve a desired effect. For example, herb like Chamomile is often used in combination with bentonite and kaolin to detoxify the skin.

bentonite and kaolin

 Seaweed can be used in conjunction with comfrey root power and chickweed to reduce cellulite buildup and treat rashes. Honey can also be used along with fennel seed and sugar to exfoliate, cleanse and detoxify the skin.

Honey and fennel seed

Since herbs have a number of beneficial and wonderful effects for our skin and overall health, therefore, they are the perfect ingredient to be used in body wraps. Using herbal body wraps with different properties depending on your skin condition will give you flawless skin and a rejuvenated self, just by spending a few hours using the treatment.