Herbal Remedy for Ringworm

Ringworm infection is a highly contagious disease that not only spread from human to human but also can spread from animals and soils as well. Basically the causative agent of the infection is a fungus which is quite opportunistic and search for the warm and moist areas to form its breeding ground and such a condition is easily available in the folds of skin and places like hair shaft .

Herbal Remedy for Ringworm

which it uses and thrives upon resulting in the infection which causes a red elevated patchy skin to be prominent in various parts of the body.

Such a condition can be easily restricted from spreading a par along with eliminating the causative fungus with the help of some herbs.

The first recommended herb is Butea which is useful in killing the germs. To use this herb you can make a paste by grinding the Butea seeds with water and apply it on the affected part at least three times a day for getting a fast relief. You can also use lime juice in combination to his herb to get better results.

Apply butea

For the second herbal remedy you can use leaves of cassia in order to reduce the irritation in the patchy skin. For this you just need to grind the leaves of the cassia plant with the help of a mortar and pestle and apply the paste on the affected areas. This plant has shown good results for treating the fungal irritation.

leaves of cassia

Topical application of Oregano oil is also beneficial in elimination of the ringworm as it is a powerful antifungal agent and can easily remove the causative agent behind the infection. Even tea tree oil has the properties of an antifungal agent and can be used in place of oregano oil for obtaining similar results.

Oregano oil

The fourth cure involves the application of a compress made up of the extract from walnut leaves. Applying this compress will prevent skin oozing caused by ringworm infection.

walnut leaves

The fifth cure calls for making a paste of the leaves of lemon grass with buttermilk and applying on the areas prone to ringworm infection. This remedy will help to abate the infection to great level.

lemon grass

The sixth herb you can try is basil leaves which you can grind and apply to the affected areas regularly two to three times a day for finding a complete solution to ringworm infection.

Basil leaves