Herbal Remedy To Rectify Hair Problems in Males

We all love our hairs and want them till the last day of our life but many people are not that fortunate and they tend to lose their hairs at a young age. The loss of hairs leading to baldness is more frequently observed in males than females and the reasons can be numerous. Mostly the genetic factors are held responsible for the male pattern baldness .

Other influencing factors include the age, hormonal imbalance, lack of proper nutrition ,improper blood circulation at the tips of the hair, absence of minerals and stress etc.In males generally the areas that loose hair are at the top of the head and sides above the forehead and generally the hairs are withdrawn in a M or W pattern.

These days a lot of treatments and commercial products are known for the treatment of the loss of hairs. The treatments to the extent of hair weaving where hairs from different areas of the head to altogether a different person is are used and transplanted to make you have the rejoice of possession of hairs.

But all these treatments and products are very expensive methods to gain hairs and the regular use of chemical products can cause serious side effects. So an herbal method is generally considered by numerous people.

Male pattern baldness is usually cause due to increased amount of DHT hormone which binds with the hair follicles and make them incapable to absorb nutrition from the blood. Therefore for treating this condition the amount of the DHT hormone should be minimized and for this the most common herb that is used is Saw palmetto which helps to reduce the conversion of testosterone to  DHT hormone.

The second herb that is used is also for blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT hormone and for this Nettle root has been shown to give the desired results in case of males.

For increasing the blood circulation along with disinfecting the scalp you can massage the scalp with tinctures of stinging nettle, birch and horsetail.

The fourth recommended procedure is to massage your scalp with herbal oil like rosemary or burdock . This can be helpful if the cause of hair fall is dandruff.

In case if the problem of hair loss has resulted from lack of nourishment to the hair you can try and apply aloe vera gel on the affected areas.

Usage of arnica, marigold and southern wood are also known to promote the hair growth and hence useful in combating hair loss.