Herbal Slimming Tea for Weight Loss

If you are looking for an alternative method other than exercises and dieting for shedding those extra pounds of baggage which have been a cause of tension for you along with being potential for the associated risk involved like blood pressure and heart problem, then you can consider slimming tea as an valid option which is an easier way to shed off the undesired fat as it does not involve regular work out or fasting and cutting down on meals.

A simple way for this fat reduction method is to sip your favorite flavored tea sitting with your family members so basically no sweat loss and no fatigue involved. Considering these benefits  many people are selecting slimming teas for the purpose of weight loss.

These slimming teas are purely natural and herbal based tea obtained from Camellia sinensis and generally the fermentation process has been used on them to increase the level of antioxidant and flavonoid content in this herbal slimming tea.

A lot of slimming teas are flourishing in the market and you have a wide variety to choose from. Most common of these are Green tea, Wu long tea, Pu-erh tea and Black tea among which the green tea has the least amount of anti oxidants being un-fermented followed by black tea which has a greater amount of antioxidant as compared to green tea .

The black tea is a fully fermented tea. Wu long tea has the highest amount of antioxidants and flavonoids as being semi fermented and can be most beneficial if has to be used for weight loss.

Slimming tea is known for increasing the metabolic rate and hence more of the food material in the body will be burnt down and the polyphenols and the flavonoids present in the slimming tea are known to boost up the body fat mechanisms by switching to mechanism where body continue to endure on the essential fatty acids rather than glucose i.e. the body use the fat stored in the body rather than the glucose from skeleton muscles and since the extra fat is generally found in the stomach region, it is the region of target .

Slimming Tea also acts as a diuretic and eliminate the excess water along with suppressing the appetite of the person naturally. Both these functions will automatically result into weight loss.

The fat burning tea is also identified to lower the amount of fat absorption and providing additional benefits like reduction of wrinkles and also known for boosting up the immune system.

A negative aspect of these slimming teas is also present that due to the presence of natural laxatives like sage in these teas who should not consume these slimming tea for weight loss frequently as it can lead to nausea ,diarrhea and swelling of fingers. One another serious impact can be loss of potassium and other minerals from the body leading to electrolyte imbalance.