Herbs for Menopause

Have you crossed the age of forty five and the arrival of menopause is a matter of concern to you due to the pre-notion of the problems associated with the onset of menopause then the knowledge of some herbs and herbal medicines can be helpful to you in this regard.

The most common problems that are associated with menopause are depression, irritability, occurrence of hot flashes, night sweats,and vaginal dryness due to the various hormonal fluctuations occurring in the body. Though a lot of methods like hormone replacement therapy are available to tackle the menopause problems, these methods are expensive and can’t be borne by everybody.

That’s why people look for an alternative which is rather inexpensive. The answer lies to the problem is to use herbs which are pocket friendly as well as natural.

Some important herbs that are used in case of menopausal tribulations include:

Dong Quai:

This herb has a high content of iron and vitamin E and along with that it helps to replace the estrogen in the female body in a natural way and thereby attain a hormonal balance within the body. Sufficient level of natural estrogen is helpful to get rid of the symptoms associated with menopause like hot flashes and night sweats.

Black Cohosh:

This herb is also a natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy as it contain natural precursor to estrogen which the human body can utilize to make estrogen hormone within the body making it a potent herb for reducing the symptoms caused due to menopause.

Ginkgo biloba:

This herbal medication is known to affect the vascular system and thereby help to get relief from hot and cold flashes along with improving the condition of absentmindedness.


This herb helps in the production of testosterone hormone and thereby alleviates the energy level or libido of a person.

Burdock Root:

Burdock root proves to a good female tonic due to presence of estrogen like compounds. It not only helps a woman to get relief from menopausal troubles but also acts as an aphrodisiac and help to overcome the problem of sexual difficulties.


It is a powerful estrogen herb that helps to combat problems of hot flashes. However this herb should not be used regularly as it can reduce the potassium levels in the body and elevate the blood pressure.


Damiana proves to be a anti-depressant and help to reduce the mood swings associated with menopause.It is also a well known aphrodisiac thereby increases lubrication in the vaginal area and get rid of the dryness caused due to menopause.

Chaste berry:

Chaste berry is known to include compound that resemble female hormones like estrogen as well as progesterone which provoke favorable consequence in menopause are due to alteration in the FSH and LH secretion. This herb also helps to combat mood swings, irritation and depression occurring in females at menopause