Home Remedies For Asthma


Asthma is related to problems related to breathing. This can be caused due to allergens as well as lungs not functioning properly. There are many remedies suggested for asthma cure and many of them help reduce the instances considerably.

Remedies for Asthma

This ailment does not have an age bar and can happen to anyone old or young. To prevent any asthmatic attacks always consider the following tips:-

Asthma is caused due to allergens and most of the times they are there in the air and cats and dogs in the house are a source of these pathogens that might trigger the ailment. So if you have a pet, do not let it enter your room or sleep in your bed.


You must also take care of the dust mites are one of the most common allergic triggers. They are everywhere as they tend to feed on the skin that we shed. It is vital that they be removed to reduce the chances of an asthmatic attack. To meet this end, always cover your mattress with a washed one and keep it in airtight cover if open.

Avoid carpeting, as it is not easy to clean, and stick to clean floor with a few washable rugs. Do not use pillows made of kapok or feather and use polyester or Dacron pillows as they are easy to maintain as well.

Avoid carpeting

If you grow plant in the house, always check them for molds and remove when one forms to prevent pollens from being spread in the air, they being the most common asthmatic trigger.

There are many treatments that have been suggested to treat asthma and some of the most successful home remedies have been listed below.

Prepare a soup from drumstick leaves and have it once daily. It is prepared by adding a handful leaves to approximately 200 ml of water and is boiled for five minutes and after it gets cooled down, add salt, pepper and lime juice.

Make a paste of the roots of the bitter gourd plant. Mix this paste with the same amount of honey and have it once every night for a month. It is said to reduce the asthmatic ailment considerably within the said period.

drumstick leaves soup