Home Remedies For Cold And Cough

Cough and cold are very unhealthy health related symptoms. These health related problems occur due to intake of fried foods, cold drinks, and cold food. Changes in the weather also lead to cough and cold. When the food is not digested properly,


there is a formation of mucus toxin in the body, which reaches respiratory system and results in cough and cold. The nose gets blocked in case of cough and cold. Sneezing, congestion, sore throat, fever, body pain, headache, and lethargy are some of the common symptoms of cough and cold.

There are many kinds of medicines available in the market these days to get rid of cough and cold. However, these medicines are enriched with chemicals which may pose certain kinds of side effects. So, natural home remedies are always considered to be the best for dealing with the problem of cough and cold.

A very effective cough syrup can be made with the help of honey and onion. Take some raw onions and chop them into small pieces. Extract the juice from these pieces. Mix one spoon of onion juice with one spoon of honey and keep it aside for four to five hours. Take this syrup twice in a day to get rid of cough and cold.

Onion Honey

Dry cough can be treated in a very effective manner with the help of almonds. Seven almonds are soaked in water and allowed to stay overnight. Brown skin of the almonds should be removed next day in the morning. A paste of almonds is then made. 20gms butter and one spoon of sugar should be added to the fine paste. Take this paste twice in a day to get rid of dry cough.


Cough and cold can be treated in a very effective manner with the help of grapes. The lungs are toned up in a great way with the help of grapes. Juice of grapes is taken out. Honey is added to grape juice. Take this liquid every day, twice in a day to get relief from cough and cold.


A mixture of honey, salt and orange juice works as a very good remedy to treat sore throat, and cough and cold.