Home Remedies for Head Lice

Finding nits or lice eggs in the hair shaft along with having an itchy scalp are an alarming indication of head lice infestation. Hair lice are basically parasite that survives on the human blood source while residing in the scalp and hair shafts. It is generally school going children that are at a higher risk of getting a head lice infection. Some other symptoms like growth of red bumps can also be noticed in some cases.

People of use medicated shampoos and over counter drugs like Nix and Rid are common methods that people adopt to get rid of lice but both of the methods involve usage of chemicals that can harm our hair. Using a medicated shampoo against lice won’t be able to get rid of the lice completely as it does not kill the un-hatched lice eggs.

So some common home remedies that you can adopt to get rid of head lice that are both easy on the pocket as well as nontoxic and natural to use.

Try a fine toothed comb that are especially made for lice removal and run this comb on the strands of your hair like ordinary comb.This will help and take out those lice that are hiding in the hair shaft along with removal of the nits.

Avoid using the personal items like comb, hair brushes and towel of the person who is affected with the hair lice problem as it can cause further infestation of lice in other people head as well.

You can also try and use some herbs for treating head lice. For instance; you can make an infusion from rosemary leaves and water for which you just need to add four tablespoon of dried rosemary leaves and add to four cups of water and put it on the flame for around thirty minutes. After that you can strain the mixture through colander and use it to wash the hairs. This is an effective home remedy for lice and proves as a hair tonic.

Another infusion that is found effective is made by adding one cup of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoon of the chunks of quassia bark, rosemary oil and centaury herb with one and a half cup of water and using this infusion as a tea for rising hair.

Some people instead of making infusion also try and mix rosemary oil with olive oil and use this mixture to massage the scalp and hair. Regular application of this suspension will help in eradicating the lice from the hair strands.