Home Remedy For Acne Scar

Your skin is always prone to acne breakouts and every time they leave they leave behind the marks or scars on your face to remind you all about the time you were having trouble dealing with acne and even when they have left they have made your skin looking ugly.

For removing you just need a little bit of time and patience to get rid of these scars or at least lighten them up so that your skin looks beautiful all again and the best part is that you can do it at home by utilizing the items from your kitchen shelf and do not need to spend out your money for it in order to undergo some medical procedure.

The first remedy involves the use of lemon. This will effectively help to remove the lighter scars and also to lighten up the deep acne scars.

For this you will need to squeeze out the fresh juice of a lemon and dab on to the acne scars. It is recommended that you should keep on the lemon juice over the skin for about half an hour or more before rinsing it off.

The second calls for using sandal wood paste. You can take some sandal wood powder and add rose water to it followed by applying the same over your acne marks.

It is better if you leave this paste over the acne marks
for an hour or do so that it dries up and then wash it off with water. You should follow this procedure regularly in order to lighten the skin.

One can also slice a tomato and rub a piece of tomato on the acne scars. The natural acids present in the tomato will help you to lighten the marks effectively with regular use.

The fourth remedy is brought by using honey and applying pure honey can help the scars to fade away at a much faster pace than they normally tend to do.

The fifth medication involves the application of turmeric paste on the acne marks present on the skin in order to get rid of them in a quick manner.

One should also have plenty of water and other fluids to flush out the toxins from the body and thereby pace up the scar removal process.

In fact egg whites and olive oil are both effective in reducing the acne scars and one can always blend in the two or use singly for application over your acne scars in order to make your skin devoid of the marks leaving a soft and supple skin behind.