Home Remedy For Toothache

We all hear that it is essential to brush our teeth twice a day? But who actually follows it? And hence every individual at some or the other point in their life does go through a phase of toothache. The level of pain may vary among each and every individual.

remedies for toothache

This pain is basically caused as a result of a diet, which includes a lot of candies, soft drinks, cakes, pastries, all forms of sugar and refined carbohydrates. The sugar is broken down to acids with the help of the bacteria present in the mouth. These acids then react with the calcium present in the enamel which causes it to erode or decay.

Avoid cakes and candies

Tooth pain is actually caused because of the inflammation of the pulp of the tooth i.e. the central part of the tooth. It consists of the endings of the nerve and that is why this area is most sensitive to pain. This ailment mostly arises due to a tooth or gum infection, cavities, dental abscesses, rotting of a tooth, cracked tooth or even trauma.

Rotting of tooth

Some home remedies for toothache like clove, garlic, onion etc can help in immediate relief. Clove consists of a compound called ‘eugenol’ which is known for its antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Clove oil too may be used on the affected tooth to give you immediate relief while fighting off the germs. And hence it is widely used in dental care products.

Clove oil

You can also make a lotion of lime and Asafoetida and place it on the cavity of the infected tooth with the help of a cotton swab. It relieves the pain almost immediately. A paste prepared with salt and pepper too can be used effectively as a dentifrice. It controls the sensitivity of the teeth and if used daily can also prevent cavities, bad breath, bleeding or painful gums etc.


Allicin is an antibiotic which is present in Garlic and hence when garlic is crushed and placed on the infected tooth along with salt it not only relieves you of the pain but may even cure it. The above methods though providing immediate relief from the pain and restlessness, is only temporary. You have to approach a dentist to completely cure you from toothache.