Homemade Lip Gloss

A huge number of products under different brands are flooding up the market that can help you to make your lips have a shiny and glossy sheen. Lip gloss can be completely colorless, semi-transparent or can be highly colorful even found in frosted and glittering finishes.

Lip gloss is generally applied over a lipstick in order
t perceive a superior gleaming and lustrous effect but it can also applied on the lips directly to get the shiny and polished effect.

Even though the lip gloss is available in the market both in transparent
and bold colors you can easily make a few of them at your home without much difficulty with the help of stuff available at your kitchen self. The most common things that can help in this regard may be honey, chocolates, almonds, vanilla, vitamin E oil and cranberries.

The first lip gloss can be made by using chocolates. For making this lip gloss you would need to melt cocoa butter and dark chocolate separately in a double boiler and then mix both of them together and add a capsule of vitamin E to it. Then you can pour it out in a clean container and keep it in refrigerator till it becomes firm.

The second lip gloss involves using vanilla.
To create this lip gloss you need to mix bee wax, Aloe Vera gel and contents of a vitamin E capsule and heat it up till the wax gets melted and then add some vanilla extract to this mixture and blend it well with the help of a stirrer.Now cool this mix and store in an air tight bottle.

The third lip balm involves using cranberry juice.
In order to prepare this gloss you will require mixing up petroleum jelly along with honey and almond oil and some chopped up cranberries. Then simply place this blend in microwave and let it boil.

Remove and mash the cranberries well and strain through a sifter in order to remove the solids and cool it down and pour it in a fresh bottle. If Aloe Vera gel is not available you can use olive oil or coconut oil instead to prepare this lip gloss.