Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a distinctive alternative of massage therapy that makes use of heated stones to relax the muscles and thereby release the tension along with calming down the nervous system. The massage stones used for this therapy generally consists of basalt which is a black colored volcanic rock which has high heat retention capacity.

Other stones tha
t can be utilized for the massage therapy generally consist of Tenshi and gemstones. The number of stones that is required for a massage can vary according to area of the body to be given massage along with the size and shape of these stones. But on an average a full body massage will need about a fifty stones.

It is very important to heat these stones before the massage. For preparing the basalt stones for massage, you can boil some water in a pan and add the stones to it and let the temperature reach about 120 to 150⁰F.

Select the massage oil you will be using for the hot stone massage. A lot of variety of essential oils is available but the most commonly used ones include grape seed oil, lavender oil, olive oil and rose oil. You can use either of these or try something different according to personal choice.

Now on a massage table spread clean linen and make the person taking the massage lie down on a set of stones kept in two rows such that the stones are positions at the sides of the spine and then start the massaging.

Start with the face and apply some essential oil on the face and give a light massage followed by placing the heated on the face. You will require around four stones-one to be placed on each cheeks, one on the forehead and the last one has to be placed beneath the lips.

Now move towards your front legs and unwrap hem and massage them with your favorite oil blend. Then massage the legs by rubbing the stones on the leg. Do remember to massage the sides of your leg also. The final thing is to place a small heated up stone between the toe and draping up the leg. When finished for the one leg moves towards the other one and do the massage in a similar way.

The next area to be covered is the arms. Massage the oil on one arm of the person and then place the medium sized stones in the palm. Follow the same procedure for the other arm also.

Now remove the stones on the face, toes and palm. Make the person to turn his side while you remove the underlying stones followed by making him lie on his stomach. Now massage the back with effleurage strokes using the oil and then place the stones on various areas on the body on the basis of acupressure points. The major areas to be covered include the shoulder, scapular region, sacrum and the area of lower back. You can also place stones in the palm again for added effects.

Next is to cover the back area of the legs and place the basalt stones beneath the buttocks area, calf area and the area behind the back of knee.

You also need to massage the scalp and neck of the person. To bring an end to the massage unwrap the back and legs of the person one at a time and remove the stones followed by covering the areas back.

The total time taken for a full body massage using hot stones is around one and a half hour.