6 Household Remedies For Head Lice

6 Household Remedies For Head Lice

Louse in head is a common hair related problem, especially among children. It is a well known perception that lice can be easily transmitted from the head of one person to another. A single louse in the head gives rise to a number of lice, hence causing lot of irritation and itching in the scalp. People suffering from head lice keep scratching their heads every now and then. Getting rid of the lice from head is really a difficult task. A comb with very thin bristles is normally used to take out the lice. However, this process may not get rid of all the lice in a single attempt.

6 Household Remedies For Head Lice

There are several medicated products available in the market, which are believed to be quite effective with respect to getting rid of head lice. However, the chemicals present in these products may ruin the health of the hair. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for natural household remedies to get rid of head lice. A few effective household tips and tricks to eliminate lice from the head are discussed hereunder.

Household Remedies For Head Lice

Before discussing about remedies to get rid of head lice, it is first suggested to change the shampoo and start using the one specifically made for killing lice. Let us now proceed ahead to discuss about successful home remedies for head lice.


The use of vinegar on the hair is considered to be very effective with regard to getting rid of nits from the head. Vinegar should be applied on the hair immediately after shampooing the hair, and allowed to stay for around five minutes, before rinsing it out.


Onion Juice

Onion juice works very well with respect to getting rid of head lice. The juice should be applied properly all over the head and rinsed off after around four to five hours. Following this home remedy twice in a week would really help in dealing with the problem of head lice successfully.

Onion juice

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Tea Tree Oil

Application of tea tree oil on the head would really help in getting rid of lice effectively. The oil should be allowed to stay on the head throughout the night for effective results.

Tea Tree oil

Mayonnaise Oil

Mayonnaise oil not only helps in moisturizing and conditioning the hair, but also helps in getting rid of head lice. The oil should be rinsed off from the hair after around two hours, to get healthy hair, free of lice.

Mayonnaise oil

Lemon Juice and Butter

A mixture of lemon juice and butter, when applied on the hair, works very effectively in eliminating lice from the head. The solution should be rinsed off from the hair after around half an hour to eliminate head lice.

Lemon juice

Nit Comb

Nit comb should be used in wet hair to remove the lice from hair. Apart from all the above discussed remedies to get rid of head lice, it is suggested to change the pillow covers and bed sheets regularly as a precautionary measure.

Nit Comb

Also, it is strongly recommended not to use the comb of another family member. Every member of the family should have his or her own separate comb.