How Does Tobacco Causes Heart Disease


There are many people who die every day due to heart attack, stroke, or any other form of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are being reported by many people these days, which pose severe health related problems.

Tobacco Causes Heart Disease

There are many factors which are responsible for cardiac problems with few of them consisting of high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, improper diet, and unhealthy lifestyle. The most important element of unhealthy lifestyle is tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoking is extremely injurious for the health of a person, and leads to severe cardiac problems.

Most of the people reporting cardiac health related problems are tobacco smokers. Cardiovascular disease, due to tobacco smoking, often leads to death. Not only direct smoke, but second smoke is also injurious to health. In this section, we shall discuss about the impact of direct and second hand smoke on the heart, and a few effective ways to deal with the problem.

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Impact Of Direct Tobacco Smoke On Heart

The main problems that occur due to excessive tobacco smoking consist of blood clotting, heart attacks, aneurysms, strokes, and high blood pressure. All these health disorders are related to the cardiovascular system of an individual, and are life-threatening if not taken seriously.

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Due to regular tobacco smoking, the blood circulation in the body is not carried out in a proper way, hence restricting the supply of blood to the heart, subsequently posing the risk of being affected by a heart disease.

Effect Of Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke is also injurious for cardiac health, in a similar manner as direct smoke. This kind of smoke not only poses the risk of being affected by cardiovascular diseases, but may also cause cancer at times. Second hand smoke not only contains the harmful particles of tobacco, but also contains the irritant elements exhaled by the smoker.

Second hand smoke

So, in reality it is more harmful than direct smoke. Most of the cases of lung cancers reported every year are due to exposure of an individual to second hand smoke. Therefore, tobacco smoking, whether in direct form or indirect form, is extremely detrimental for cardiac health.

Ways To Deal

Sufferers of heart disease need to be very careful with respect to their health and lifestyle. They ought to quit tobacco smoking altogether, so that the heart attains the required blood supply, and starts functioning optimally.

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Also, it is mandatory to follow a healthy diet plan, which focuses on the ingestion of all kinds of fresh fruits and green vegetables. The intake of healthy foods would help in providing the body and the heart with required minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants for a healthy living, and a healthy heart.

fresh fruits and green vegetables

Further, doing regular exercise would help in improving blood circulation throughout the body, including the heart, subsequently maintaining sound cardiac health and preventing cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stroke. Running, jogging, swimming, dancing, aerobics, and brisk walking are a few cardiovascular exercises, which should be carried out on regular basis to keep the heart in good condition.

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