How To Apply A Concealer?

Concealers are used to mask and cover-up the imperfections of the skin and give the skin complexion an even and balanced look. Applying concealer is very easy if you have selected a right concealer according to your skin tone and if you some basic steps in the application of this makeup product.

Firstly, a concealer is generally used after the application of a foundation which provides a base.

Secondly, use a brush made up of synthetic hairs for applying the concealers as most of the concealers are water based and if we use a brush made up of natural hair it will cause a lot of water to get absorbed by these brushes.

Thirdly, get the concealer that matches your skin tone. Most of the people have a yellowish shade of the skin so generally a yellow base concealer can be applied below the eyes starting from the outside edge and moving inwards as this will ensure that the soft tissues of the skin does not get stretched. Now if you have a problem of extreme dark circle you can apply a tinge of white concealer beneath the eyes along with the normal concealer.

Fourthly, if you have blemishes or acne marks on the skin chose a concealer that is lighter in shade than your skin tone and uses it on the specified areas having these pigmentation marks. This concealer will form a base on which a hint of blue or green base concealer to hide these flaws of the skin.

Fifthly, always remember to blend in the concealer well. You can also use the bottom of the brush and roll it on the skin in order to blend the concealer or simply use your middle finger to blend in the makeup.

Sixthly, do remember to keep in mind the areas like Nose Bridge and outer curve of eyes while applying a concealer as these areas if forgotten can leave your makeup incomplete.

Lastly, after you have applied a concealer do remember to apply some loose powder as it will give a finish and also ensure that your make up keeps on for a longer period of time.