How to Apply an Eyeliner with An Eye Pencil?


Eyeliner is applied to accentuate the eye definition by complimenting the shape and size of the eyes. The application of the eyeliner is generally done after the eye shadow and before the application of an eye shadow.

To start with you should select the eyeliner according to your eye color and even make sure that the eyeliner goes well with the eye shadow which you are wearing. You can select the browns and bronze color if you have light color eyes and go for black if you have dark eyes.

The next step is to sharp the pencil and try it running on the back of your hands. If the pencil is only a little less smother, you can soften its point by rolling it diagonally at the back of your hand. If still it is not smooth enough you can apply some heat to it with a hot hair blow from the hair dryer. This will make the pencil smooth and the lines to get firmer.

While applying eyeliner, one should open up the mouth slightly in order to relax the facial muscles including the eye muscles as it will make the application easier.

You now just need to draw a smooth line across the upper lid on the lash line making sure that the line is as close to the eye lashes as possible so that no eye lid skin is visible in between. For this you can stand in front of the mirror and rest your elbow on a hard surface like table in order to concentrate on your eyes and keeping the hands steady for application.

Do not glide the eyeliner too much on the skin for applying heap of eyeliner as it will not look nice and in case you do not like the sharpness created by the eyeliner then you can soften the eye makeup by applying a little eye shadow powder of the similar shade on the line drawn with the help of a eye shadow brush.

If you want to get a smudged eye liner look you can smudge the outer areas of the eyeliner with the help of your middle finger and in case of trying flick look you can take a turn over at the end of the lash line. In case you want a dramatic look you can apply multiple coats of a thin line or go for a thicker stroke at one go.