How To Avoid Getting HPV


HPV or Human Papillomavirus is an incurable infection which can infect a person’s sexually engaged organs through direct skin contact. It is a very serious problem as it leads to genital warts and different types of cancers, such as, cervical cancer, anal cancer, penile cancer, oral cancer, head and neck cancer.


It is, however, not possible to stay away from all types of sexual activities. You should, therefore, try to perform certain safe methods in order to avoid this kind of infection. The important preventive methods are discussed in the given article.

How To Avoid Getting HPV

Importance of Abstinence

You can almost completely avoid HPV infections by following the technique of abstinence. According to general point of view, abstinence means refraining oneself from any kind of sexual activity.

It is, however, impractical and disheartening for any human being. Well, abstinence is referred to something else in this text. It means that you should practice sex without coming in contact with the affected areas. Thus, you should completely avoid oral sex and sex involving exposed vagina, penis, anus, hands, etc.

avoid oral sex

Importance of Protected Sex

Protected sex is one of the most important ways for preventing HPV infections. Thus, the partners should always wear condoms while practicing sex. However, this is still uncertain whether the condoms can guarantee full protection or not during intercourse.

This is because HPV infections are spread through direct skin contact and condoms do not cover the genital areas other than penis. Thus, the exposed parts can transmit the virus to the parts of unaffected partner through skin touch.

Female condoms are also available in the markets for protecting the organs. You should also try to practice controlled and slow sex, especially during the time of breakouts.

Protected Sex

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Importance of Fewer Sexual Partners

You should definitely have a few numbers of sexual partners in your life. This is extremely important for avoiding HPV infections. It is even better to have a long and healthy sexual life with a single partner. It may happen that both the partners are suffering HPV virus. They should not have sexual relationship with others in order to check spreading of these virus strains.

sexual partners

Importance of Vaccine

Vaccination is one of the best options, which can be used for protecting yourselves from four strains of HPV infections. It is highly recommended to get the girls vaccinated at their virgin state and the boys before their sexuality develop completely. There are several types of vaccines available in the medicine world, namely, Cervarix, Gardasil, Fardasil, etc.

Gardasil is extremely important for preventing genital warts and cervical cancer related HPV in women and it should e given to girls between the ages of 9 to 26. Cervarix and Fardasil vaccines are very suitable for girls of 11 and 12 years and of 13 to 26 years respectively. Gardasil can also be given to boys between the age group of 9 to 26 years for preventing genital warts infection.

It is not possible to cure HPV related problems. You should, therefore, also maintain a healthy lifestyle and food habits in order to strengthen your immune system.