How To Avoid Getting Trichomoniasis


Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitting disease and many individuals, around the world get affected with this disease. The problem with this disease, as with some other sexually transmitting disease, is that it is most of the times undetectable.


So if your partner hasn’t had his/her blood checked for this disease, you will be infected with the disease in your first sexual contact.The disease is not incurable, but of course, it is advised that you take the proper, necessary precautions and preventions to be safe from the parasites which transmit this disease.So here are a few precautionary steps that you may abide, to deter from the possibilities of catching the disease.

Refrain From Sexual Contact

The message is as simple as it sounds. When, and if, you have doubts about your partner’s sexual health, refrain from any sexual contact with him/her.We know that it may sometimes look very intimidating, but stay away from having a sexual intercourse with any strangers.

Only when you know your partner well, proceed towards the sexual chapter.In other cases, avoid any contact with the genital parts of your partner.

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Know Your Partner

Once you have started dating, seeing, somebody (congratulations!), take time to thoroughly know your partner to the fullest details. There’s no hurry to get your pants down. Before you enter into the sexual phase of your relationship, find out about the sexual health of your partner.

You also have the right (after a certain passed time span) to ask if he/she had any other one-night stands or sexual contacts, before you. If the answer is positive, you should also get to know if he/she wore protection during such contact.

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Treatment Of Trichomoniasis

If you have trichomoniasis, and want to have sexual contact with somebody, it is essential that you get yourself treated at first. Same goes the case if you come to know about your partner. When it’s about sexual disease the best option is to get things straight; i.e. asking your partner if he/she has the condition or not.

Test And Clear The Air

The only way your conscience, and your partner’s, will be free of any speculation, doubt or fear is by knowing (and seeing) the sexual report in person.

As trich has little or no symptoms, it is always better to get checked for such. You can ask your partner to get checked by a doctor, for the disease and, to give him/her no awkward feeling, get checked yourself too.

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Though many do not care about following a monogamy, it is best to avoid any type of sexual disease (unless of course, you get every partner’s sexual report in person!).

Getting tested for the disease at the same time, and continuing such relationship ensures that you have no such chance of getting sexually infected. Thus monogamy hammers a very strong point.



What could be more important than this one? In recent times, when the population is literally blowing the brains off our world, often pops up advertisements of condoms, and other protective gears.

The use of condoms, female condoms and other sexual protection gears are important to be safe from these kinds of diseases. Female condoms are safer than the male one, as it covers a larger area.

Always remember, trichomoniasis is easy to be affected with, but also easy to prevent. Rushing with the flow of a sexual or romantic desire, may be fun at the moment, but may make you lament afterwards.

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