6 Way To Clear Up Adult Acne


Though acne is basically a problem of youngsters, it can also occur among adults. The problem arises when the sebaceous glands of the skin produce more sebum than what is naturally required. The skin becomes clogged due to excessive oil production, and also there is an increase in the formation of dead cells on the skin.

Adult Acne

Pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, freckles, and blemishes are the most common symptoms of acne. Inflammation and irritation may occur on the skin due to acne pimples.

As adults, women are normally the sufferers of acne which commonly occurs on the chin and around the mouth.Acne in women can occur due to various reasons, with few of them consisting of hormonal change due to menopause; intake of oral contraceptives, anabolic steroids, and antibiotics; and stress.

Among all these, stress is one of the major disturbing causes of adult acne. Due to extreme tension and stress, there is excessive secretion of oil by the body, which ruins the texture and health of the skin, thus resulting in acne.

Therefore, it is tremendously important for women to keep away from stress to treat acne and get a healthy and radiant looking skin. In the section below, we shall discuss about some effective strategies to get rid of adult acne by way of managing stress.

Tips To Get Rid Of Adult Acne

A Healthy Diet

The elimination diet program which suggests avoiding the intake of alcohol, caffeine, smoking, processed foods, and dairy products would help in treating acne. The idea is to engage in healthy foods like fresh fruits and green vegetables, so that the texture and tone of the skin is improved.

This is really a good start to prevent the production of excess oil on the skin. Another benefit of concentrating your diet plan towards a healthy one is that you would be able to fight stress successfully.

healthy food


Doing exercise on regular basis would help in improving blood circulation throughout the body, including the skin. The skin’s health would be improved amazingly due to regular exercise, hence fighting against both stress and acne.

regular exercise

Skin Cleansing

Keeping the skin clean is one of the most important steps with respect to fighting against adult acne. Oil free cleanser should be chosen to get rid of the dirt from the skin, hence helping to prevent clogging of pores.

Skin cleansing


Herbs like burdock root, milk thistle seed, dandelion root tincture, and goldenseal help in purifying the blood, thus helping to get rid of adult acne.



Drinking ample amount of water on daily basis would not only keep the body properly hydrated, but would also help in maintaining proper health of the skin. Due to removal of all toxins from the body as a result of ample water intake, the pimples and other acne symptoms would be treated soon, and the skin would start looking young. Also, consumption of enough water daily is believed to ease stress.

consume water

Sound Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the major contributing factors towards adult acne and stress. It is imperative for a person to sleep properly at night for around 7-8 hours, so that the skin looks revitalized and fresh after waking up in the morning. A sound sleep at night is a very good way to treat acne and remain stress free.

sleep well