5 Way To Cure Inflammation In Veins & Arteries


Arteries and veins are the blood vessels which connect the heart with the other parts of the body. The oxygenated and nutritious blood is transported from heart to the different parts of the body

Inflammation Veins

You must protect these blood vessels in order to stay healthy.Inflamed veins and arteries are fatal as they lead to plague deposition, heart attack, blood clot and also restrict normal blood flow. You can cure this problem to a certain extent with the help of natural and home-based remedies.

Proper Nutrition

Inflammation in veins and arteries can lead to several cardio-vascular and digestive problems. You should, therefore, follow a proper diet in order to restrict these kinds of complications.

You should consume lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat, nuts, seeds, whole grains, low fat dairy products, etc.in order to supply adequate amount of fibers to your body.

These foods are also enriched with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, etc. You should also consume plenty of water for flushing out harmful toxins and for proper blood flow.

Some specific foods like garlic, spinach, olive oil, salmon, green tea, sweet potato, cherries, apples, beans, etc. are suitable for curing blood vessel clogging.

You should avoid certain foods like alcohol, processed foods, red meat, excessive salt and sugar, refined flour, rice, etc. and smoking as they may trigger the problem.

healthy food

Proper Exercise

Proper exercise is required along with nutrition in order to stay healthy. Obesity is the main reason behind high cholesterol and high blood pressure. You should, therefore, exercise daily in order to reduce the amount of fat deposited in your body.

Exercises are also beneficial for proper blood circulation and generation of new blood vessels.You can perform some cardio-vascular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, stair climbing, etc. You can even perform some strength training workouts like pull-ups, push-ups, squats, lunges and machine-based exercises.

regular exercise

Avoid Stress

Stress is extremely harmful and may lead to several problems like high blood pressure, improper digestion, improper blood circulation, etc. You should definitely try to calm down your senses through yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. You should also take proper rest and sleep for at least eight hours everyday.


Alternative Natural Remedies

People may not prefer surgeries at the beginning of the problem.You can definitely use some alternative natural remedies for curing this illness. Herbal remedies are widely used as they are affordable and equally beneficial.

You can use calendula herbs, witch hazel, and st. John’s wort for curing blood clot and blood vessel inflammations.You can also apply some cold compress or hot compress on the affected areas in order to reduce inflammations.

vitamin herbs

Some Important Precautions

You should consult a doctor immediately in case of severe complications. These people are best for prescribing proper medication for controlling your cholesterol level, platelets formation and blood pressure level.

You should not panic if you suffer from inflammation as this can increase the problem.

You should consult a dietitian before following any specific diet plan.

prescribed medicines