6 Ways To Cure Muscle Tension


Muscle tension is a common health-related issue suffered by both men and women, especially in their neck, back and foot region. This kind of tension is caused due to several factors. Some of them include excessive work load, mental stress, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, bad postures, previous injuries, lack of proper nutrition and exercise, etc.

Muscle Tension

You should definitely try to cure muscle tension as it may lead to permanent damage to your body. Some of the important natural treatments are discussed below-

Ways to Cure Muscle Tension

Proper Lifestyle

Proper lifestyle is the most important agenda that should be taken by every human being in order get rid of painful muscle tension. First of all, you should maintain a healthy diet in order to stabilize your hormonal system, to build and strengthen muscles and to calm down your senses. For example, you should avoid coffee, alcohol, strong teas, smoking, spicy foods, red meat, excess cheese, sugar, etc. as they excite the stress points.

You should consume fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, lean meat, fishes, low calorie dairy products, etc. Some foods like apples, soybean, cherries, rice, oats, wheat, yams, potatoes, dried beans, etc. are very important for providing estrogen in order to relax muscle’s tissues.

You should also practice proper workouts like yoga, meditation, jogging, swimming, lightweight aerobics, etc. regularly in order to improve blood circulation, maintain hormonal balance and healthy body weight. Eight hours of proper sleep is needed for giving proper rest to the muscle tissues. You should also take sufficient amount of fluids, especially water in order to keep your body hydrated.

healthy food

Massage Therapy

Massage therapies are an extremely beneficial option for rejuvenating the muscle points.You should always get a massage treatment done by a professional therapist and can opt for aromatherapy, Myofascial release, Swedish massage, trigger point massage, reflexology, etc.


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Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises can work as an excellent stress buster for your muscle points. You should inhale and exhale deeply and quickly for about 10-15 minutes per day in order to get proper results.

deep breath

Hot Water Therapy

Hot water therapies are an excellent home remedy suitable for releasing pain and stress from the muscle tissues. You can either take a relaxing bath under a hot shower or lie down in a hot water bath tub for getting benefits. You can even put hot compress on the affected regions twice daily in order to get relief.

warm cloth

Music Therapy

Music therapy is the best option for relaxing your mind as well as your stress points.

You can sit in a comfortable chair or lie in your bed and listen to your favorite tracks before going to bed, during leisure time, etc.

Music Listening

Herbal Treatment

Certain essential herbs like black cohash, red clover, alfalfa, ginseng, kudzu root, licorice, etc. can provide estrogens to the body in order to ensure hormonal balance. Other essential oils like lavender oil, chamomile oil, lemon oil, bergamot oil, geranium oil, clary sage oil, etc. are effective for soothing the muscle tissues.

Herbal oil