How To Decrease Asthma Exacerbations


Asthma is a respiratory problem in which the airways get contracted, subsequently posing difficulty for an individual with respect to breathing process. If asthma is not treated on time, there are greater chances of the problem to get aggravated.

Asthma Exacerbations

Asthma is a complicated disease, and needs to be dealt with extreme care. It is essentially significant for an individual to take preventive measures so as to decrease asthma exacerbations. There are several drugs and inhalers which are recommended for asthma patients to prevent asthma exacerbations.


It is of no doubt that the prescribed inhalers and drugs are of tremendous assistance in preventing an asthmatic attack. However, it is best to follow the natural path as far as possible, especially in case of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, it is advised to restrict the intake of medicines as far as possible, so that the development of the fetus takes place in an appropriate manner. So, natural remedies would be the best solution. Let us here discuss about a few ways to redcue asthma exacerbations in a natural and effective way.

During pregnancy

Tips To Treat Asthma Exacerbations

Remain Away From Smoke

The most important and effective solution to prevent an asthma attack is to remain away from smoke as far as possible. Both direct smoke and second hand smoke should be avoided to prevent asthma from aggravating. Smoking is not only injurious for the health of the asthma patient, but is also injurious for overall health, and may even prove to be deadly at times.

Avoid smoking

Avoid Exposure To Dust And Dirt

Asthma patients should make it a point to stay away from dust and dirt. These are the main triggers of asthma attack and may exacerbate the condition. The house should be free of any dust particles. Regular cleansing of the house would help in preventing dust formation.

Also, the pillow covers and bed sheets should be changed from time to time, so that dirt and dust do not accumulate on them. All these preventive measures would surely help in preventing an asthma attack.

Dust and dirt

Identify Food Triggers For Asthma

There are a few foods which might trigger an asthmatic attack. It is essential for an individual to identify the foods which might exacerbate asthma and avoid their consumption, so that an asthma attack can be prevented.

Tomato sauce

Stay Away From Pollution

Staying away from environmental pollution would certainly be of immense help in decreasing asthma exacerbations. Pollution poses several respiratory problems, and is very injurious to the health. Breathing becomes very difficult when the lungs are exposed to pollution.


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Breathe In Fresh Air

An early morning walk is considered to be a very good remedy to breathe in fresh air. Asthma attacks would be prevented to a large extent, if an individual makes sure to inhale fresh air.

All the above mentioned tips are of significant assistance in dealing with asthma exacerbations. If an individual ensures to follow all the aforementioned tips with dedication, he or she would be able to avoid an asthma attack and live a healthy life. Further, there would be no need to take regular inhalers or medicines to decrease asthma exacerbations.

Breath in fresh air