6 Way To Diet For Stroke Victims


Anybody can suffer from a stroke attack if the blood flow is restricted before entering the brain. It can be fatal as it damages the brain tissues. Stroke usually happens if the person has obesity, high blood pressure and arteries blocked with blood clot and harmful toxins.

Way To Diet

Thus, the diet should be planned very carefully in order to make it suitable for the stoke victims. If you make any mistake, the patient may suffer from similar attacks again.

Diet For Stroke Victims

Whole Grains

Stroke patient’s diet should definitely contain 6-7 servings of whole grains and about 20-25 grams of healthy fibers. This kind of food is very essential for lowering the cholesterol level and for removing toxins from the blood stream.

They even help in digestion and in maintaining a healthy body weight. All these factors are responsible for reducing the chances of further strokes. You should consume oats, barley, wheat, cornflakes, etc. and rather avoid refined flour and white rice.

Whole Grains

Fruits And Vegetables

Almost all fresh fruits and vegetables are essential for stroke patients and thus, should be included in 5-6 servings.

They contain a number of essential nutrients and are very useful for reducing weight and for maintaining smooth bowel movement. They are also required for providing antioxidants and for removing harmful wastes from the body.

Fruits and Vegetables

Essential Fatty Acids

Some essential fatty acids are the most suitable sources of fats required by the stroke victim. Omega-3 acids and alpha-linolenic acid are some of the examples. You can get omega-3 acids from eggs, nuts, fish oil, etc. and alpha-linolenic acids from soybean oil, flaxseeds, canola, kiwifruits, walnuts, etc.

Essential Fatty Acids


Certain nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin k, potassium, etc. are especially important for stroke victim’s diet. Proteins present in eggs, legumes, lean meat, protein shakes, milk, etc. are required for making the body strong and healthy. You should consume calcium rich foods like low-fat dairy products, green vegetables, etc. for ensuring nerve strength.

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Potassium rich foods like beans, apricots, poultry, oranges, tomatoes, avocados, spinach, prunes, black currents, etc. should also be included for similar benefits. Vitamin K and warfarin are extremely important for maintaining proper formation of blood clots only when required. Vitamin K is found in Swiss chard, asparagus, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, spinach, etc.

nutritious diet

Proper Fluids

It is very important to understand the exact amount of fluid required by the patient’s body, or else it may increase the amount of blood pressure.

You may have to divide the patient’s body weight by 17 in order to calculate the amount of liquids required. The diet should contain at least 8 cups of fluids including water, soups, fruit juices, etc.

consume water

Some Important Diet Tips

The foods should be given in the form of grind, paste or chop as the patients do not have the strength for chewing foods. They should also consume the foods in smaller quantities at a time. You should restrict the amount of salts in their diet as it can lead to higher blood pressure by thinning the blood viscosity. You should also avoid processed foods, spicy foods, deep-fried foods, alcohol, saturated fats, red meat, dairy products, etc. as they increase the cholesterol level.

The cholesterol