How To Diet To Counter Obesity


Being obese can increase the chance of various health problems such as diabetes, increased blood pressure, various heart ailments, etc.

The main problem and the root of the obesity, is the weight. It is their weight which helps nesting the conditions for diseases and lowering the immunity level.

Where a healthy diet can, most of the times help in countering the obesity and bring back the good health. It also provides security and prevention from future obesity among certain individuals.

Prevention To Counter Obesity

As the true saying goes, prevention is better than cure, you should equip yourself and your children with proper immunity, so that their bodies can fight off the obesity.If you are obese, visit a doctor and find out what nutrition you should feed on and what you should deter from having.

If you are not obese, and (of course) want to stay that way, visit a nutritionist and make a diet chart for yourself and your family, including what you should eat to fend off obesity.

Diet To Counter Obesity

Long-term healthy diet is the best option for obese people, to lose the obesity and stay healthy, fit and beautiful; all at the same time.

Make a chart

It has been seen that, people who keep a record of the calorie they are taking with each meal, and calculate the fat amount taken each day, are able to lose obesity much more effectively and faster.

This is because, they will know if they are doing anything wrong, or going on a right track. So, find out the calorie value of each meal and control the fat and calorie intake per day.

Fat To Counter Obesity

Large amount of fats is what is inside the daily edibles we eat. So, to counter obesity, fat is the first and most important element that you have to reduce. Keep away from high fat foods, and feed only on foods, which are low on fat (and trans fat).

Calorie To Counter Obesity

Like harmful, and high, fat foods, too much calorie is a killer too. As mentioned earlier, keep a track of the calorie content in each meal. The healthy amount is about 500 calories per day, but you should consult your doctor and find out the proper amount for you.

Saturated Fats To Counter Obesity

Foods with saturated fat, junk foods such as, fast foods, over cooked foods, and over-oily foods, all have ‘danger’ marked all over them. Kids, specially, are drawn towards junk foods. The best alternative is to keep the junk foods out of the house; if your kids do not find them, there is no harm done.

Vegetables To Counter Obesity

Add green (leafy) vegetables to your diet everyday. Consult with a nutritionist to find out what vegetables contain less fat, and add those. Also, add members from the cabbage family in your diet (broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc.).

Fruits To Counter Obesity

Fresh fruits help you fight a number of ailments, and diseases. Try having fresh fruits every now and then. If you do not want to eat the fruits, go for the fruit drinks, but make sure you have them fresh. Drinking carbonated drinks, and having bottled drinks will do you more bad, than good.

In top of all this, you should also consider regular workouts, to bring down the obesity. Continuing this regime will not only help you fight the obesity, but also create a healthy life.

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