How To Eat Properly If You Have Type 2 Diabetes



The maximum part of individuals who suffer from Diabetes, are noted to be suffering from type II diabetes. This condition is mainly caused because there’s an excess of insulin production in the body; which in turn is caused because the body is unable to control and use the insulin produced by the pancreas.

Unlike type I, where it is imperative to take insulin injections, type II diabetes can be cured through a changed and improved diet routine. You should be seeing a doctor when you’re a patient of diabetes, and it is most probable that he/she will tell you what to feed on and what not to.

The basic facts that one should bear in mind while planning a diet is that, the nutrients should be according to the suggested amount.

Control is the guideline via which a diabetic patient must walk on. He/she should learn to control the intake of cholesterol, carbohydrate, fat and sugar rich foods.

The diet plans drawn up also will preferably do the same and help in curing the condition.

Eat Less, Eat Often

Whatever the diet plan suggests, always remember that gulping down huge platefuls at one time is no good; instead, try having 2-3 main meals a day (of a considerable, but not huge, in quantity) and 2-3 smaller meals a day.

Maintain, in each meal, a fine distribution of nutrients, fibers, proteins, vitamins, etc.


Keep Away From Junk Food

You should be very careful in keeping far away from foods, which are rich in saturated fats, fast and/or processed foods, canned or bottled beverages.

You should also refrain from having alcoholic drinks or other drinks having artificial sweeteners and active & passive smoking.

Junk Food


Our bodies are structured not in a way that can digest or absorb fiber. A balanced Fiber intake at a regular basis helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels.

It also helps to fend off the bad after-effects of type 2 diabetes. The food quantities which contain generous quantities of fiber are green vegetables, Legumes, fruits, etc.

fiber rich food


Though it is harmful when taken in excess, it does form a vital part of our diet. The amount of calories in the diet of an individual affected with type II diabetes is, 15 calories per pound (as per the weight of the person).

A much more aged person (above 55 years of age) must have about 13 calories per lbs, and pregnant women should have 15-17 calories per lbs.

low caloric diet


The cholesterol intake, by the individual affected with type II diabetes, should be less than 200 mg per day. You can find cholesterol from the sources such as egg yolks, organ meats, whole milk, etc.

Cholesterol food


About 15%-20% of the calorie that you consume, should consist of protein, and no greater an amount. For people with chronic kidney disorder, the percentage should come down even lower.

Protein rich diet


A patient should also eat loads of fresh fruits, but a very small amount of sodium. This will help keep the blood pressure stable; and also for the diabetic people, who have the chances of heart a heart failure, the low-sodium diet helps reduce this condition.

Remember that your diet should contain a high dosage of fiber, low protein content and a moderate amount of Calorie and sodium. 

low sodium diet