How To Effectively Reduce Belly Fat Without A Diet


Do you hate your love handles and want to get rid of them? If you have excessive accumulation of belly fat around your midsection then it may be quite difficult for you to bid adieu to these unwanted fat.

Belly Fat

If belly fat is your problem and you wish you could reduce it without a diet then there is nothing to worry about. You can follow the tips given here and get rid of your belly fat. Some tips on how to effectively reduce belly fat without a diet are given hereunder.

The first thing you need to do in order to effectively reduce belly fat without a diet is to do cardio training on a regular basis. Simply walking can be of great help to you in reducing your weight as well as your fat levels. It is a simple exercise and can be done even on the treadmill.

You can start your routine by walking for about half an hour daily. And then gradually increase your time limit to about one hour. If you can’t walk fast then there is no problem because walking slowly is also effective in reducing belly fat. You can also try jogging, biking or rollerblade to burn your calories.

Cardio Workouts

To reduce your belly fat you don’t need to do dieting. What you need to do is to just introduce some healthy changes in your diet and eat sensibly. Eating the right foods and eliminating the bad foods will enable you to effectively reduce belly fat.

Eat foods like whole grains, lean proteins, plenty of vegetables and a few servings of fruits daily. Eat natural foods and avoid fatty and junk foods.


Resistance training is also essential for reducing the fat levels in your body. Resistance training will convert your belly fat into more muscles and make you look attractive, happy and healthy.

Muscle building burns more calories and burning of more calories results in the loss of fat. Hence, resistance training helps in effectively reducing belly fat without a diet.So you have the above mentioned tips to reduce belly fat without a diet.

If you try these tips for a few months you will notice the positive changes in you. But while following these tips you should keep in your mind that reducing belly fat without a diet does not mean that you can eat whatever you like.

Resistance training