8 Ways To Fight Back Against The HPV


Human Papilla Virus (HPV) is virtually incurable. You can take certain preventions so that the condition never occurs with you; you can even fight against the signs and symptoms, but the condition will prop back up if you stop caring for it.


So you should keep proper care and do the necessary to keep it from turning towards cancer (of which there is a big chance), and keep you and others around you living healthily for long enough.

Low risk signs and symptoms are less probable in turning into cancer, whereas the high risked signs and symptoms have the highest chances of turning to cancer.

So, if you have the condition and noticed it at an early stage, be strong and do not feel down. Follow these few steps to fight back the signs and symptoms of the disease and live a happy life.


The first thing that one should do, right after detection of the disease, is that change the diet to a healthier one. Eat healthy so that your immune system gets strengthened and can prevent turning the genital wart or any other outbreak into Cancer.

Deter from consuming chlorinated water and start gorging on vegetables like cabbage, beets, carrots, asparagus, etc. Few unhealthy habits that may worsen the HPV, and act as a catalyst for an outbreak, should be forsaken.

Like for example, quit smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks, and other sweetened Beverages. If possible, even stay aware of Passive smoking, and stay away from it.

nutritious diet

Natural And Herbal Remedies


It has antiviral properties, which helps in the fight against the warts; garlic also helps in giving a boost to the Immune system. Make it a habit to include garlic as an ingredient in the food you eat.

you may also eat them raw, but it gives off foul smell and is not advised. You may also apply slices of one or two cloves, on the warts, etc. to cure them.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been proven effective against many conditions of the Human body. It has ascetic acid, which helps in the exfoliation of the layers of warts.

Apple Cider Vinegar


It helps in fighting against the HPV, by contributing to make the immune system stronger. This is available in both tonics and supplements.


Grapefruit Seed

Grapefruit seed extracts also helps in the fight against the HPV. You can add this (about 10 drops) with the beverage/ juice, of your choice and drink.

Grapefruit seed

Aloe Vera

It has time and time again been proved best for us. In this condition too, if applied on the warts, will help in dissolving them.

Aloe vera

Castor Oil

When castor oil is applied about 2-3 times a day (preferably right after bath); it can cure the genital warts in just 30 days.

castor oil

Vitamin Oil

When Vitamin oil is applied on the warts or even taken as a supplement, or food rich in Vitamin E is taken, it helps in curing the signs and symptoms of HPV.

Vitamin E oil


There are several supplements, which helps in suppressing the signs and symptoms of HPV, like that of Omega 3 fatty acids. But one must always consult a doctor before indulging in these drugs and should deter from their usage as much as possible.

While you are having this condition, it is preferable and advised to refrain from any sexual contact (especially during breakouts); sexual contact may further worsen the situation.

It will also help, not to spread the disease outside. HPV does not mean the end of the world; it just means that you will have to control your movements from now on.

doctor advice