How To Get Healthy Hair: The Natural Way

Healthy, beautiful hair is the dream of very women in this world, but unfortunately does not become a reality for all. Beautiful hair is like a neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride, but all of us at one point of time have faced a number of hair problems including dandruff, hair fall, dry scalp etc.

While some are born with good hair, some of the unlucky ones have to be satisfied with what they have got. Even if we are lucky to have been born with a thick mane, there are myriad of factors which will hardly let our hair stay for long. Stress, water, pollution, illnesses, food habits, improper blood circulation etc can be one or several of the reasons why you have problematic hair. But there is no need to sigh with envy by seeing anyone else’s long and shiny tresses, you can be a proud owner of the same. No matter what type of hair you have, whether straight, curly or wavy, a few tips are all you need to get that glorious mane.

Diet is a very important part of maintaining the health of your locks. Eating right at eating the right food has an important role to play. When you start seeing problems with the health of your hair, instead of wasting money in the spa, you can search for the culprit first. By bringing a few changes in your eating habits, you can change a lot in your hair texture and growth.

Including a diet which is rich in proteins, calcium, iron and silica will bring back your lost glory. Eating almonds, flax seeds and sesame seeds will add luster to your hair. Consumption of a lot of fluids and water is also an important part of maintaining healthy hair. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily intake to improve the health of your hair.

Topical application of various herbal oils is also helpful for keeping your mane healthy. Apply coconut oil 1-2 hrs before shampooing for getting that lustrous look. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff. Use almond oil to massage the scalp to get a healthy scalp and good hair growth. Hot oil massage and taking steam after that is a good way to get strong shiny hair.

Adding tea decoction (boiled tea leaves without sugar) or juice of a lime and diluting with water before rinsing your hair will add shine and a good texture. Gooseberries are said to be very beneficial for overall health of your hair as well as giving it a naturally darker hue. Eggs are very good for hair and are included in shampoos for its beneficial properties, use eggs to condition your hair once in a month and see the difference.

There are also some Vitamin supplements available in the market to promote the growth and health of your hair, but it is not very well-known as to how effective or harmless these are. Environmental factors like rain, sunlight, pollution etc has the ability to damage our hair, and so care should be taken to not expose our hair to these factors. The chlorine found in swimming pools, the salty sea water and acid rain are all harsh elements which can harm our hair. Protecting from exposure to al these conditions is an important lookout.