6 Ways To Get Rid Of A Frostbite Scar


Frostbite scars are similar to that of burn scars. Except, burn scars appear when singed, or one gets too close to, flames (or extreme heat), and frost bite scars appear when one’s skin is left, directly, exposed to freezing cold temperatures. Frost bites are known to adversely affect the underlying layers as well as the upper layer of the skin.


The severity of the frost bite, is dependent on where one is exposed, to how much severe a condition he/she is exposed to, and how much resistance one’s skin has. The scars which appear only on the upper layer, the surface, of the skin, can be treated with relevant solutions; whereas the ones which go much deeper, has to be dealt with by medications or other prescriptive, long time, treatment. So if you’re burned, see if these help you to heal your skin.

Frostbite Scar Treatment 1

Vitamin E serves to heal this ailment of our skin. So you can take Vitamin E medications after being affected by the frostbite. You may also buy some Vitamin E capsules (with the vitamin liquid inside), and poke a hole in the capsule, and then apply the liquid on the affected area. If you do not want to go towards all the fuss, go for the Vitamin E ointments, creams, oil, etc. and apply on the affected area, to heal. Vitamin E helps in healing the frostbite, as well as erasing the scar off your skin.

Vitamin E ointments

Frostbite Scar Treatment 2

Eat a lot of green vegetables, especially vegetables from the cabbage family (like broccoli), i.e. food with a high amount of Vitamin C. It, Vitamin C, is proven to help the body build up collagen, especially inside our skin, which results in lesser recovery time, and healing of the scars at a much faster rate.

vitamin A

Frostbite Scar Treatment 3

Within a couple of weeks, of getting the frost bite, start applying topical creams on the frost bite. This will prevent the scar from getting to much worse form. Whenever being exposed to the Sun, apply sunscreen on the scar, so that it doesn’t get worse.

topical creams

Frostbite Scar Treatment 4

When the frostbite is healed, but you still have the scar from it, start applying moisturizer on the scar. While applying moisturizer on the scar, massage the scar. This will help to keep the skin in a ‘soft’/viable condition, where the blood circulation will increase. As a result, your skin will heal faster. Be sure that the frost bite is healed, before applying this step, or else it will make the wound worse.

massage the scar

Some Other Treatments, Which You May Adopt Are

Laser Therapy

This is a much more adopted therapy against frostbite scars. People don’t want to involve in medication which they don’t know, and opt for laser technology, which helps not only get rid of the scar, but also somehow stops the pigmentation that may otherwise make everyone notice where the scar was.

Laser Therapy


Collagen or Steroid injections are another way to neutralize the scars. These injections have the inconvenience of having to be applied at regular intervals, as the medication, it brings inside the skin, is broken down. This medication works by healing the layer underneath the scar, working its way, to repair the skin above.