How To Get Rid Of Acidity

Acidity is getting to be a more common and more prevalent condition than before, especially with the changes in the lifestyle and eating habits of the common man. Food habits and irregular routine can cause a lot of acidity and acid reflux symptoms. The reason for the increase in acidity problems can be attributed to the fact that people have started eating out regularly.

There are drastic changes in our food and sleep patterns and also the stress which is related to our work and personal life. All these factors can alone or together become a little too much for our stomach to handle. Other causes might include an improper functioning of the digestive system, eating junk and oily food, fasting for a long time etc.

Acidity is caused by the excess secretion of HCL in the stomach. Normally HCL is secreted in order to aid in the digestion process of the body but when the acid level increases, it causes acidity. There are however several protective mechanisms to combat the excess production, but when there is an imbalance in the system, the mechanism fails and leads to the condition known as acid reflux or acidity. Symptoms are varied and needs to be given special attention to prevent the condition from developing into other serious problems.

Symptoms that point to the problem are a feeling of heartburn or a burning sensation which is caused in the stomach or chest, a feeling of nausea or bloating, a stabbing sensation in the upper abdomen etc. The burning sensation is caused by the backing up of the stomach acid into the esophagus. Other symptoms might include constant hunger, belching, a bitter taste in the mouth, or loss of appetite in some cases.

Cure and remedies:

Food habits play a major role in causing acidity and a change of food habits can give you the answer. Include wholesome and nutritious meals with two to three portions of fruits and vegetables, and start eating foods rich in fiber. Use herms and condiments like fennel, mint and cumin which have carminative properties.

Drinking herbal tea after eating a heavy meal is a very good way to help in digestion, one that has been used by the Chinese since ages. Also drinking cabbage juice which is one of the best aids to relieve acidity and drinking peppermint or ginger teas before food also will help in getting relief.

Also you will need to increase your intake of water to get rid of acidity. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water will help in getting rid of toxins from your body and also aid in proper functioning of the digestive system. But the intake of water should not be in between meals as this dilutes the digestive juices getting produced in the stomach.

There are various foods which trigger acidity like citrus juices, alcohol, oily food and spicy food, food which is rich in sugar, food containing caffeine like tea, coffee and colas, fried and processed foods, high fat meals etc and these need to be seriously avoided if you want to get rid of your acidity problem.

Stress also contributes a lot to acid reflux because blood flow during a stressful situation is less to the stomach which slows down the digestive process. Keeping all these things in mind will definitely provide you a lot of relief.