How To Get Rid Of Double Chin


Double chins are basically the deposition of the fat in the area of chin. These deposits can occur due to several reasons. A person can have double chin due to hereditary pattern or it can also occur due to aging or as a result of the excess body weight.

Double Chin

Due to genetic reasons, some people have the tendency to retain a high amount of water in the body and therefore often result up having a double chin while others have an inclination towards fat deposit due to inappropriate eating habits and thereby end up having the same problem.

Double chin can also occur with increasing age. The reason being that as we get older our skin gets loosen up due to loss of muscles.

Avoid alcohol

If you have a double chin as a result of fat deposits you just need to shed of the excess weight in order to get rid of the double chin and the best answer for losing weight is to have a proper diet along with practicing regular exercises.

Having a proper diet, indicates having nutritious and healthy food and staying away from sweets, fried foods and complex carbohydrates like pasta, white bread and cookies, which are made out of refined flour. It is also mandatory that you stay away from alcohol and red meat and also reduce the intake of sodium.

nutritious diet

As for exercise is concerned for reducing double chin one can do the platys-ma exercise to tone up the platys-ma muscles that run across the neck and the chin area and is accountable for the movement of the lower jaw, neck, and mouth.

You can easily tone up the muscles by opening your mouth wide open as far as possible and then pulling it back to proper shape. This very exercise can help to tighten the muscles around the chin and help you lose your double chin.

Some people also consider chewing a sugar
free gum as a great way to fend-off double chin. Basically it keeps the facial muscles moving and thereby prevents the accumulation of excess fat in these regions.

If nothing seems to work then you can camouflage the double chin using make up. You can put a compact on of a shade higher than your skin tone on the jaw line and chin area in order to conceal the double chin.

chewing gum