5 Ways To Get Rid Of Jock Itch Odor


Due to excessive sweating, bacteria are accumulated in different parts of our bodies.These bacteria, when accumulated in high concentration, can produce foul smell and can also result in irritations.These are known as jock itches and are known to appear around our genital areas.

Jock Itch Odor

As this condition normally appears on sensitive areas, it is advisable to use natural and homemade remedies to treat such cases. While in some cases, these are known to elope quickly, in some select cases, they spread throughout and sometimes become resistant to some treatments.

While you are working on the medication of the symptoms, the odor, which is given off, may turn you mad. So to get rid of the Jock itch odor, and help in treating the condition itself, we here are providing with some pointers.

Most of them are alternative ways to treat the symptom, as treating the tender area with harsh medication may turn harmful.

Step 1

Water; like a savior it is, will provide you the jumpstart needed against the foul odor. Drink plentiful of water (at least 5-6 large glasses per day). This will help to clean your body of the harmful and toxic chemicals inside your body.

consume water

Step 2

Pay special attention to your clothing. Wearing tight fitted, strangling, clothes will not provide your skin with enough air (oxygen) to breathe in, which may result in more perspiration. Also, make sure that the clothes you wear are moisture resistant, which will evidently help to keep any kind of moisture from your skin.

tight cloths

Step 3

Baking soda helps in ‘soaking’ or absorbing, the foul odor released by the jock itches. So, what you can do is, sprinkle some baking soda on a piece of soft cotton cloth, and then close yourself in a room and apply the cloth on the jock area. Keep the cloth on the area for a length of time, and keep repeating the procedure often.

Baking Soda

Step 4

When you are preparing to take a bath, prepare fresh tomato juice of about 16 oz, and pour it in the bathtub. Now fill the bathtub with the regular water and soak yourself for around fifteen minutes. You may also repeat the process multiple times.


Step 5

Take one cup of water, and thoroughly mix 3 tbsp of white vinegar.. Now dampen a sponge in the solution and apply on the affected area. Dry-bathe this area with this, as many times as you want, through the day. The problem with this treatment, however, is that it will leave the vinegar smell on your body; but it is not that serious. It will fade over time.

You may also add to your diet a certain amount (500 mg) of wheat grass. This particular herb tends to treat the odor from inside out. It is advised that you add this to your first meal of the day.

Along with these few treatments, continue treating the condition itself. Treating the condition as a whole, will naturally make the itches go away. Following the above-mentioned steps will definitely help you to get rid of jock itch odor.

white vinegar