How To Get Rid Of Skin Boils


Skin boils are caused due to inflammation of the hair follicle. It results in formation of a large papule with accumulation of pus underneath. Besides being painful, people fear for their ugly look on the skin.

skin boils

Learn more about treatment of skin boils over here, so that you could get rid of them in easy and faster way.

Skin boils can occur on any part of the skin. But boils occur more commonly on the face, neck, back and in axilla. There is throbbing pain, if there is accumulation of pus inside the boil. It becomes very important to get rid of these boils as early as possible.

Antibiotics are used for the treatment of such boils. For a large boil, surgery is usually preferred by the doctor. A small cut is taken on the site of boil and the pus is drained out. Alternative treatment for skin boils can be taken to avoid this surgery.

Alternative systems of medicine include ayurveda, homoeopathy and unani medicine. Skin boils can be effectively treated with alternative modes of treatment. The herbal remedies mentioned in ayurveda for skin boils are ginger, garlic, turmeric, tea tree oil, azadirachita indica etc.

ginger, garlic, turmeric

Cut a clove of garlic in to half. Rub that garlic gently over the boil. Garlic has anti bacterial properties which helps the boil to heal. Apply a drop of tea tree oil on the boil and massage gently to get rid of the boil.

You can also use hot compresses to make the boil soft and ripe. If the boil bursts, remove the pus by gently putting pressure on the surrounding skin and clean the area thoroughly. If a pus point has not appeared, apply a paste of sandalwood, turmeric, rose water and vinegar over the boil.


It will help to clear off the boil in two to three days. Try homoeopathic remedies like belladonna, hepar sulph, myristica and silicea. If the boil is in suppurating condition and very painful to touch, take hepar sulph in 3x power to promote suppuration and drain the pus.

If the boil is threatening to become an abscess, and is present deep in the skin, then myristica3x helps to open up the boil and discharge the pus. In early stages of boil when it is fiery red in colour and having throbbing pain, take belladonna 30 twice daily.

belladonna herb