How To Grow Hair Back Drug Free

People often rush behind various kinds of hair loss treatments available in the market to restore their lost hair. There are several companies these days which are enraged in the manufacturing of drugs and pills to deal with the problem of hair loss.

The fact is that these drugs and pills for treating hair loss are not much effective. These drugs and pills are enriched with chemicals which may be very harmful for the health of a person and may pose various kinds of side effects.

You may face problems of muscle pain and headache due to the consumption of hair loss drugs available in the market these days. There are various other ways which are very helpful in promoting hair growth. Here are some of the drug free methods to encourage hair growth and restrict hair loss.

First of all, you should take care of your nutritional habits. You should make sure to take a healthy and nutritious diet, enriched with fresh fruits, green vegetables, nuts, soybean, milk, meat and yogurt. All these foods are enriched with essential minerals and vitamins for promoting hair growth and restricting hair loss.

It is very important to nourish the roots properly. You should massage your scalp with warm olive oil at least thrice in a week, so that the health of the scalp is maintained. The hair follicles would get required level of stimulation with the help of regular warm oil scalp massage. Hair growth would be encouraged and hair loss would be restricted with the help of regular scalp massage.

You should make sure to feed the hair with suitable antioxidants for encouraging hair growth. Green tea is a rich source of necessary antioxidants for promoting hair growth. So, you should make sure to drink a cup of green tea every day in the morning to promote hair growth in a natural manner.

With the help of the above described tips, you would be able to see considerable improvement in the health and condition of your hair, without the use of drugs. Hair growth would take place in a natural and healthy manner with the help of the above given tips and tricks.