7 Ways To Heal Bed Sores Naturally


Bed Sores, or pressure sores, are wounds caused to the skin of a patient, due to prolonged pressure on a single area. The small nerves, vessels, etc. totally get cut off from the nutrients, oxygen and other minerals and as a result the tissues in and around the area start to die. When this is exposed and untreated at the initial stages, it is an open space for the harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms, to live off the wound; thus making the person infected.

Heal Bed Sores

The parts, which are more viable to these kinds of sores, are the bony parts (knees, ankles, shoulders, etc.). Bed sores normally occur to those persons who are handicapped, bed ridden, and cannot move much; the individuals who have the same part pressurized on, for a long time. Here are a few natural cures that you may prefer while treating a person.

Honey And/Or Sugar For Healing Bed Sores

The application of honey, or sugar, on the bed sore (or the places which are showing the signs of bed sore), can help prevent the production of harmful bacteria on the region and will help the body to initialize the healing process in the region. Apply the honey, or sugar, dress the area air-tight. Re-apply this ‘medication’ and change the dressing after every 10-12 hours. See to it that you wash the area first, after opening a dressing, with warm water, before applying the next dosage.

Use Honey

Calendula Flowers

These flowers too have the power to heal the infections and reduce the inflammation. Prepare this by having, one tablespoon of this flower in a pot, and then adding to it a cup of hot water. Steep the solution, for about 15 minutes, and then strain. Now dip a cloth in this solution and apply on the wound, for 15 minutes. Perform this routine quite a few times in a day.

Calendula Flowers

Aloe Vera For Healing Bed Sores

You may apply this in any form, over the bed sores, and apply as much as needed. Make it a routine to apply Aloe Vera on the wound, at least once a day, to get the bed sores healed.

Aloe vera

Herbal Poultice For bed Sores

Bring together and make a paste of two well working healing herbs, Slippery elm and Comfrey, and apply to the wound this paste. Now bind the place with a clean cloth (preferably cotton). The two of these herbs have, healing and demulcent-ing effect on the sores, and can cure them.


Follow Some Prevention Techniques To Avoid A Relapse Of The Bed Sores:

Relive The pressure

When the patient’s in bed, make sure that you flip the person to alternate sides every two hours. When he/she is in a sitting position, change their posture every hour. If possible, let them rest on a water mattress or something like that, which is soft. Also, make the patient wear everyday cleaned clothes, and pat dry the wet places on the skin, after his/her visit to washroom.

In bed


Massage can also be of great help. So, every few hours, or once in a day, keep a massage lesson queued up. Massage the back part of the patient, the legs, the hands, etc., with a lotion or moisturizer.


Healthy Diet

Keep a healthy diet planned up for the patient. Include in their meal, a generous amount of green vegetables, vitamin C containing vegetables, fruits, etc.  Apart from all this, if the patient is capable of movement, have him/her exercise daily, or just a morning walk.

nutritious diet