How To Identify and Treat Panic Attacks


If you tend to have panic attacks fairly frequently then you might be suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder that can be easily treated and cured. If these panic attacks continue, they can develop into panic disorder.

Panic attack

A Panic attack is an overwhelming surge of emotions. This essentially has two overpowering components, one being anxiety and the other being fear. There are extreme conditions which prevail at the time of the panic attack.These include increased heart rate and difficulty in breathing. A person who is facing the panic attack is unable to think rationally and logically.

Increas heart rate

This is usually a one- time occurrence but there are instances where it can happen again. Time and place does not matter, a panic attack can take place anytime, anywhere. This is a situation where one feels endangered and unable to escape.

No matter to time

There are many tell tale signs of a panic attack. To start off with, there is shortness of breath and there are palpitations. A person suffers from nausea and stomach problems. There are instances of trembling and shaking along with a choking feeling. One tends to feel light headed and dizzy. There is numbness and tingling sensation and there is excessive sweating along with a fear of dying and losing control.

Numbness and tingling

In case one experiences frequent panic attacks that are unexpected, and the trigger is not something that can be known or is expected, it is usually the first sign of panic disorder. While under the effects of a panic attack if one starts to worry about another panic attack, then it is almost an invitation for the second one to follow. If all this also causes a change in behavior, then it becomes a complex loop and one is said to have panic disorder.

Panic disorder

Reasons for panic attacks are not entirely known. Also they have been witnessed due to excessive use of stimulants like coffee, tea etc and also when one comes off a medical treatment. They can be treated by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps you understand the situation better and hence you can better react when in panic. There are panic attacks triggered in a controlled environment to help react to the situation better.

Coffee and tea