How To Increase Fertility In Women

Infertility is a sensitive issue for the female population of the entire world, who has been unable to bear a child in spite of trying for it. Most women generally go into severe depression if they fail to conceive even after years of getting married.

There may be different causes for infertility, some of which can be corrected with appropriate treatments. So instead of worrying about this problem, you must find measures to increase your fertility.

The same remedy for infertility may not work for each and everyone. If your husband is productive and the problem is within your reproductive system then you can get benefit by trying out the following tips to increase fertility.

Before proceeding with the tips let me clear your misconception that if you have not become pregnant all these years then you suffer from major fertility problem. Sometimes, a minor reason may also get into your way of getting pregnant. Here are some important tips on how to increase fertility in women.

The first essential tip to increase fertility in women is to start the consumption of a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet. Try to eat mostly natural foods and avoid all sort of processed foods and foods that contain added colors, preservatives and additives.

Your diet should not contain deep fried foods, junk foods and processed foods. Consume foods that are high in vitamins and minerals so that you get complete nutrition. If it is possible then eat organic foods.

The second tip to increase fertility in women is to quit smoking, if you are presently a smoker. Cigarette smoking produces toxins in your body, which causes damage to the cells of your ovaries. It has also been found that smoking decreases the estrogen levels. Also, the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle gets shortened.

The third important tip for increasing fertility in women is to avoid the consumption of coffee and other caffeinated beverages and foods. This is crucial because caffeine decreases fertility to a great extent and in extreme cases, even leads to miscarriages. According to a recent study, if you drink one cup of coffee per day then your odds of not conceiving increases by 55%.

The fourth tip for women to increase their fertility is to consume green tea. Antioxidant called polyphenols present in green tea has the capacity to increase the fertility of the eggs.