How To Increase Hemoglobin


Hemoglobin refers to a kind of protein in the red blood cells of the human body which does the job of carrying oxygen. It is very important for an individual to have appropriate level of hemoglobin, so as to remain healthy and energetic.


Low level of hemoglobin in the human body can make an individual feel less energetic. The metabolism and stamina levels go down due to low level of hemoglobin. All the people should go in for regular medical check up to ensure that there is adequate hemoglobin level in their body.

If low level of hemoglobin is diagnosed, then it is very important to do something about it soon. There are several medicines which can help in improving hemoglobin level in the human body. However, the best option is to go for natural remedies.

Natural remedies do not have side effects and work quite effectively with respect to increasing the hemoglobin level. The section below discusses a few effective ways to increase hemoglobin naturally.

Ways To Increase Hemoglobin

The following suggested natural remedies would certainly be of immense assistance in improving hemoglobin level:


Nutritional supplements help immensely with regard to improving hemoglobin level in the human body. Vitamins like B6, B12, and C, and minerals like iron and folic acid are very helpful in boosting up the level of hemoglobin.
Supplements that contain these vital nutrients should be included in regular diet to improve hemoglobin naturally. There would be a considerable improvement in the health of an individual with the aid of including nutritional supplements in the diet.

Nutritional supplements


Apart from taking nutritional supplements, it is also important to concentrate on the diet. More effective results would be obtained if an individual gets the vital nutrients through healthy foods.

Most of the fresh fruits and green vegetables contain all the important minerals and vitamins for maintaining appropriate level of hemoglobin. Dried apricots, green leafy vegetables, and molasses are good sources of iron.

Lentils, whole grains, peas, and nuts are rich in vitamin B6. Fish, eggs, and poultry contain good amount of vitamin B12. Vitamin C is found in good amount in oranges, mango, cabbage, red capsicum, and sprouts. Spinach, beans, lentils, peas, corn, tomatoes, pineapple, and strawberry are rich in folic acid.

With the help of including all these foods in the diet, the hemoglobin level would be improved naturally. Also overall health of an individual would be improved with the aid of concentrating on the consumption of healthy foods.

healthy diet


Ingestion of fenugreek seeds has been proved to be quite helpful with respect to improving hemoglobin level. It is suggested to consume cooked fenugreek seeds regularly for around fifteen days with meals to notice an improvement in the level of hemoglobin.

fenugreek seeds


The hemoglobin level of an individual can also be increased with the help of intake of certain herbs. A few herbs which are believed to increase hemoglobin level in the human body include nettle leaf, dong quai, and withania. These herbs are believed to calm down the nervous system, increase red blood cells’ production, and improve the hemoglobin level.