3 Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

A woman can naturally gain about eight kilos of weight during pregnancy in order to help the fetus develop and grow within her own body. Though the weight gain during a pregnancy session is healthy and normal yet most of the women want to acquire their normal body weight and shape they use to have before pregnancy.

Weight loss

The reason of such a desire is due to accumulation of large amount of fat in specific areas of body like buttocks, thighs, belly and arms which makes their body totally out of shape. If the loss of weight occurs instantly this is unhealthy and can prove harmful for your body so let this mechanism be rather a slow and steady one.

Few of the tips can help you to achieve a consistent and balanced weight loss after pregnancy if you follow them.

The first thing you can do after pregnancy for losing weight instantly is to start breastfeeding your child. Breastfeeding is not only a good means of providing nutrition to the child and develop a mother child bond but is also a great way to lose fat. The stored fat in the body is used up in the milk production and thereby you can easily shed about two hundred to five hundred calories.

The second way to lose weight after pregnancy is exercising. However, it’s recommended that you should wait for some time after the birth of your child before start exercising again. This time is around six weeks to eight weeks depending whether you gave a vaginal birth or cesarean birth.


Start your exercises slowly and then gradually increase your pace. One should not be involved in high impact exercises after child birth rather include low impact exercises like walking, jogging or swimming. You can also try and do some swimming or practice some yoga postures in order to lose weight.

walking, and jogging

Walking is in fact can be an ideal method for weight loss and you can start your walking session about fifteen days after labor term. You can start with strolling in the park for five to ten minutes and as you gain your strength and energy increase the time and intensity of your walks. Also remember to get a good pair of walking shoes so that you do not feel any discomfort on your feet.

Strolling in the park
The third way to lose weight after pregnancy is well balanced and planned diet so as to cover the entire necessary element like proteins, carbohydrates and fats along with vitamins and minerals as required by your body while you are lactating. But keep away from junk food and processed foods and also avoid too much of oily and spicy food stuffs.


well balanced diet