How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally

It is advisable to lower your cholesterol levels naturally by being careful about your lifestyle and eating habits instead of popping in pills.

Maintaining body weight is of primary importance. You have to know the optimum weight according to your age and height. Once the target weight is calculated based on the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMI), you have to start working towards achieving and maintaining it.

The High Density Lipoprotein levels will decrease and the Low Density Lipoprotein levels will increase, if you are overweight. The later will pull up the cholesterol levels with it. It is very important to control what is going into your mouth, in other words, food. The total fat intake has to be reduced.

There are certain fats that help in reducing cholesterol levels, like fats of omega 3 fish, whole grains and olive oil. One of the best ways of reducing cholesterol naturally is consuming high fiber foods on a daily basis. Fibres increase the High Density Lipoprotein levels, and in turn lower the cholesterol levels.

If you have a sweet tooth, there are greater chances of having high levels of cholesterol. Sweets and foods that have high glycemic levels bring up the level of triglycerides in the body that lead to high cholesterol. If you can cut down on addictive sweets, you will find other healthy foods like whole grains and fruits and vegetables tastier.

It has been seen in various researches that regular exercise helps in reducing cholesterol naturally. All you need to do is take out just 30 minutes from your busy schedule and do some sort of physical activity like freehand exercise, brisk walking, or you can hit the gym. A deskbound lifestyle with no physical activity will increase Low Density Lipoproteins as well as the body weight and consequently cholesterol.

Drinking water has numerous benefits. It not only gives you glowing skin but also helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take the resolution of replacing beverages and alcohol with water. Reduce caffeine intake and see how cholesterol is reduced naturally. If you are someone who just cannot do without a “cuppa” or coffee, make sure you do not go beyond one cup per day.

Quit smoking or taking tobacco in any form and see the difference. You also need to learn how to manage stress to reduce cholesterol naturally. Stress and cholesterol levels are directly proportional. Avoid stressful work or balance it with meditation and pave the path for a healthy life.